Somatic Expression® with Jamie McHugh
Body Wisdom for Modern Times
Field (2020)

"The natural world is
the larger sacred community to which we belong.
To be alienated from this community
is to become destitute in all
that makes us human."  - Thomas Berry, theologian

Dear Friends,
One of the jarring effects of this pandemic for many of us who are teachers and artists has been the immediate necessity of adjusting how we deliver our work, whether it is a service or product, and in so doing, also reflect on how we can create new models of economic cooperation that reflect our values. I have been offering my work online for the past 5 months for free or for "pay as you are able"; others have offered very generous sliding scales or barters. We do so with the recognition that many people are strapped for funds now or are running out of reserves.

All these acts of kind consideration for our fellow humans are so vital right now as our country is steadily imploding and exploding, with one catastrophe after another; whether it is natural disasters like fires, hurricanes or viruses, or human disasters like racial injustice, income inequality or creeping fascism, the die has been cast for widespread suffering...unless we start to do things differently here and now.

I am deeply committed to supporting each person in claiming their own bodily sovereignty by advancing a broad-based contemplative somatic practice for understanding and exploring the intelligence, humanity and self-regulating capacities of the body. This is part of the sacred work of becoming, belonging, and being.

Another part of the sacred work is supporting the offerings of others and expanding the field of possibility. I want to introduce you to three special friends - in their own words here - who also share a reverence for the larger community of life that is beautifully reflected in their work.

Sondra Barrett, Scientist and Artist

“Learn how to enhance your cell health and wisdom with Sondra Barrett, PhD, cell biologist and author of Secrets of Your Cells. Through a blending of science and the sacred, experiential practices and powerful visuals, Secrets of Your Cells book club course will enlighten and perhaps even delight you with the powerful practical life wisdom hidden within your cells and molecules. Join me as I guide you through my book and practices in this 9-week online program beginning September 3, 2020. Register by August 31, save money and bring a friend at no extra cost. Let me know that Jamie sent you."

Marcella Bottero, Continuum Teacher

“Ground, as we knew it, has changed. I find myself exploring ways of standing and meeting “fluid ground” as the flux of life continues to swirl rapidly around me.
I can let myself easily be swept away by the stormy waves at the surface.
I can loosen my grip slightly, “drop into” the experience of my fluid nature and allow the rhythm of the current below the waves sway me.
I can surrender, dive in to the bottom of my inner ocean, find foundation in the deeper currents, and be supported by their dynamic stillness, which inform all life.
Please join me in Meeting Fluid Ground: Finding Foundation in the Deeper Currents of Life.”


Sharon Beals, Artist

“I wade rivers and try to honor water and fragments of pure habitat, turn ocean plastic into confrontational advertising, and photograph birds’ nests to invite people to learn about the lives of their builders.
The nest project evolved into a book in which I write about those lives and the survival issues facing many of them, and how we might help them. Recently I have begun what I hope will be another book, this time working with the nests of extinct and endangered species.
It is my hope that my work will speak to others who care as much as I about saving what we can of what remains of our natural world, and the creatures that depend on it."

Sign up for Sondra's and/or Marcella's online offerings, and contact Sharon to view her artwork by appointment at her San Francisco studio.

And I hope you can join me in taking time out by taking time within and gift yourself with some breathing room, somatic replenishment, creative explorations and new perspectives.



September 5
September 20

These free hour-long gatherings are guided in real-time to offer some practical somatic tools for dissipating anxiety and stabilizing attention. The session will consist of a 5-minute introduction, a 45-minute experience with a primary focus on 360 degree breathing and individual variations, and 10 minutes for reflection. DATES, TIMES AND REGISTRATION HERE


THINKING BODY, SENSING MIND is an online series designed to create a restorative break from the world, give spacious attention to our bodies and explore the basics: breath, structural alignment, self-contact, movement and stillness. Two new 4 Week Series beginning September 28, Mondays & Wednesdays 10-11am or 4-5pm Pacific Time REGISTRATION INFORMATION HERE

VIDEO: "Awakening Earth – Spring" Part 1 of the Pandemic Trilogy (2020) - a 20 minute journey to connect the interior of your breathing body with outer representations of the natural world. Music by In The Branches