Wrapping up 2020:
Find the Silver Linings: Finish the Drill
It is time to find the "silver lining"! Each morning we begin a day that will be filled with choices - we can choose to dedicate our time and energy to that which we can control or allow the "noise" of the uncontrollable to infiltrate our daily routines.

This time of year is typically filled with celebrations - from family holiday gatherings, to office and school parties, or end-of-season celebratory events. While we may not be able to gather as we once did due to circumstances that are completely out of our control, it is imperative that leaders work to identify and celebrate the positives, whether big or small, that have been accomplished this year.

Leading is easy when you're winning and challenging when you are not. The best leaders always find a way to celebrate achievements while leveraging the challenges as valuable opportunities for development - which choice will you make today?
Need help organizing your end-of-year virtual gathering?
Our end of year holiday parties are going to be quite a bit different this year and Empower Leadership is here to help. Learn about our favorite virtual party activities, each with a holiday spin, for uplifting fun and entertainment for your group!
Flexibility, adaptability, and the importance of playing to one’s strengths. Don’t fall into the trap of what your employees, students, or athletes cannot do. Learn to strike a balance between flexibility, adaptability, and your “non-negotiable” standards.
EPISODE 12: Calvin Joustra, Chris Fox, and Paul Cappadona – Operations Managers at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, Empower Adventures Middleburg, and the Empower Adventure Park at Nomads
“If you’ve ever wanted to try something new or experience something different but you are too scared to do so, by taking 2 seconds to summon up that courage to do it, you will be amazed at the outcome you will have!"

EPISODE 11: Dr. Jan Jones – Program Coordinator of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of New Haven
"We have a tendency to overwhelm people with new stuff. It is important that we focus on what we want the students to walk away with and focus on the very basic things we are comfortable doing to make that happen. Focus on a couple things, do them well, and then build upon that foundation."

EPISODE 10: Jania Pagan, Janaya Merced, Jada Merced, Kendrick Long, and James Lightfoot – Urban League of Springfield Young Adults and Program Coordinator
"Any person, no matter their background, experiences, race, or sexualtiy can make it to the top! You are truly in control of your future, you just have to be willing to work for it."

EPISODE 9: Tanner Kern – Endurance Athlete and Content Creator
"The road to a goal, no matter how big or small, is a process. There will be highs, lows, and experiences of every feeling in between, but you cannot cheat the process towards to success."

"Kindness: It costs nothing, but means everything."

The holiday season often means spending time with friends and family, while reflecting on the things that we're grateful for. This year has been full of challenges and it has become routine to overlook that which we are grateful for and focus our time and energy on the negative experiences that have become synonymous with 2020. How do we turn it around???

The answer is kindness! Our interactions with others may feel insignificant to us; however, those interactions may be of great significance to the people on the receiving end. Simple acts of kindness are the ones that go the longest way - whether it is smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, or paying it forward in the drive-thru - these actions can have a drastically positively impact on another person's day, week, or more!

Acts of kindness have a twofold effect - a bright moment for the person receiving the act and the sense of personal fulfillment knowing that you contributed positively to someone else's life! There is no cost to kindness, just a little bit of effort!