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What happens if the CEO of your organization leaves unexpectedly, or your succession plan doesn't work out as intended? You might consider an interim CEO someone who can temporarily lead the organization, paving the road for a new executive while the board of directors takes the time they need to find the right replacement.

This month, we're talking about interim executives from every angle. What exactly does an interim executive do? What is it like to be one? What are the different types of interim leaders? And, most importantly, when should you hire one?
Don Gilpin is the President and COO at International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Gilpin started his work with IFMA as their interim COO before taking on the permanent role in 2019. He spoke with our VP, Erica Poff, MA, CAE, PMP, IOM, about the nuances and benefits of interim leadership. Read the interview here.
Erica Poff, CAE, MA, PMP, IOM; VP of Talbott Talent, and Heather Hunter, Marketing Intern | Talbott Talent Blog
An interim chief executive can provide essential leadership throughout the transition period. To decide if it makes sense to hire one, it’s important to understand exactly what an interim chief executive is -  and when they can help your organization most.

This piece breaks down three types of temporary Chief Executives: Acting, Transition, and Interim. It also lists important points to consider when assessing your candidates.

Bite-Sized Bits of What's Rocking Our World Right Now
Right now, I'm particularly fixated on Malcolm Gladwell's podcast, Revisionist History. I listen and re-listen, but the episode I’ve played most frequently is “Hamlet Was Wrong: Hiring Nihilism in Action”.

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Talbott Talent Service Spotlight: Interim Placement
Your interim should have C-suite experience and specialized expertise to meet your nonprofit’s needs throughout the leadership transition period. Informed by our combined decades of nonprofit leadership experience, Talbott Talent expertly identifies the right person for your situation, placing the best interim to prime your new executive for success.
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