Bite-Size Blog #21

Incalculable Value
of Finding a Job You Love

That was the title of a NY Times article last week about how to enjoy a deeply satisfying life. It led off with this sentence:

Social scientists have been trying to identify the conditions most likely to promote satisfying human lives.
Mid-Summer -- Watch Hill, RI, on horizon

Early in the article, author Robert Frank made the point that "moral satisfaction" in one's work, while quite rewarding from an emotional standpoint, often may not provide enough income to reach a satisfactory standard of living. What to do? Then he shares the key point of the article:

"You'll be more likely to land a job that offers attractive working conditions  and  pays well if you can develop deep expertise at a task that people value highly."

In my case, I had the good fortune of discovering the most important topic in the history of humanity in 2003--our food choices in the 21st century. In so doing, I  discovered a line of work that enables me to experience what the "happiness" literature has described as "flow." Here's what Frank says about that:

It (flow) occurs when you are so immersed in an activity that you lose track of the passage of time. If you can land a job that enables you to experience substantial periods of "flow," you will be among the most fortunate people on the planet.

Since 2003, I have spent the requisite 10,000 to become "uniquely informed" (not necessarily an expert) on the global feeding model for humans--particularly as it relates to human health, environmental health and the future of the human species. During that time, I have published two books, am working on a third and have posted 980 articles on my website. 

As a result, I can truthfully say that I have often experienced that exhilarating feeling of "flow" as I go about my work as writer, speaker and activist with a mission of promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth. 

The Bottom Line. It just feels real good to know that you are making a difference in something so important. For more help in promoting your chances of a deeply rewarding career, I recommend this article.

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