A New Assignment
When one has pushed hard to complete pieces for a show and commissions there is a period of let down or rest that follows.  Left too long this can harden into "artist block." I firmly believe my best work is ahead of me so I need to push the brush a new direction.  Part of this healing or "falling forward" is done by reviewing two of my favorite books "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron and "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp 

An Artist Date  with myself....how could I forget to give my creative child within time to just PLAY?  What would bring happiness?  What will peak my curiosity? 

Gratitude,  the root of energy and healing, the praise song which opens the heavens wide...how could I forget this practice? I am thankful for patrons, students, deep friendships, my beautiful surroundings, my pup Molly and her 14th birthday, my brothers and brothers in law and their delightful families, my mom, great-nieces, creativity and curiosity....

How can I plan for an artful fall in the studio/workshop classes.  Usually I give myself a series of assignments....composition or color, maybe subject matter.  Here is where you come in....what would you like to paint, learn more about?  What peeks your interest?  Even if you are at a distance from me we can share work and ideas...contracts with each other...extensions of promises to ourselves. 

Studio 4 Linda Workshops begin!  For a full listing go to my website 
The first class is coming up soon!  Friday, Saturday Sept. 23,24 

"Pet Portrait Workshop"

Reservations are required...
let me know if you'd like to attend!

Gallery Representation
Live an Artful Life Gallery in The Plains Virginia 
is representing me.  The Gallery is full of amazing gift items created by craftsmen and fine artists from around the country with an emphasis on local talent.  I am delighted and honored to be a part of their stable. Click Here to find out more about the gallery. 

This painting just found a new home!!!  Thank you!
'First Stop Water" 30" X 48" Mixed Media

Pet Portrait Fun
Linda with the BIG dogs and her paintings

Now  is a good time to think about Holiday Pet Portraits! 
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