Parenting Moments
presented by Healthier Urban Families at Wayne State University
October 2020
It's hard to believe that we are putting flip flops away and entering another season! In this issue of Parenting Moments I encourage you to examine your family's daily routine and give suggestions on how to fine tune it so that you feel more accomplished and in control during these uncertain times. I have also included suggestions on how to safely enjoy Halloween for those who celebrate it. As you negotiate more time indoors, remember to stay safe, get organized, be kind to yourself and vote!
Fine Tuning Family Routines
It's Time To Come In
Fine Tuning for Fall 2020

by Beverly Weathington, LMSW, Healthier Urban Families
The Importance of Household Chores
for PBSKids
Create a Family
Media Plan to Help Define Goals
Remember to Vote
Michigan Voter Information HERE 
Make Time for Halloween Fun!
Sesame Street
Halloween playlist of
songs and videos
14 ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely
How to Find Free Internet
This Michigan Public Service Commission launched WiFi map, marking locations that have free public internet access.
FREE On-Line Tutoring
Here's what some parents and education experts say about finding the best free online tutoring resources for students
Parents Needed
Is your child 2, 3, 4, or 5 years old? If you answered YES…
Please consider participating. You will receive $5 in gift cards* for about 10 minutes of your time. You may be eligible to further participate & earn up to $75 in gift cards. CLICK HERE
Take good care. We'll be back soon with more parenting moments.