August 1st, 2022 - Vending Technology News
Fingernails2Go announced the arrival of their much anticipated fully automated Nail Art Kiosk, and an exclusive partnership with Digital Media Vending International to bring this product to the North American markets. Together they are delivering a truly unique and personalized nail art experience to malls and shopping centers.
Fingernails2Go has worked closely over the last several years with HP’s Specialty Printing Solutions division to produce high quality, safe and reliable nail art printers, utilizing cosmetically compliant inks for the commercial sector.

Their fully automated Kiosk has been specifically designed for shopping centers, malls and other high traffic areas drawing crowds of fashion conscious young people for a fun, interactive experience. 

Do your vending machines offer touch screens that your consumers can use to view items before ordering?  If not, you should consider the U-Select-It iCart Touch Screen with Flex Control Board, an ideal feature that comes installed on their Evoke Series Merchandisers. 

Drive more sales with the iCart, offer deals, special pricing, and promotions that your customers will be interested in, or share with them calorie/nutrition information about the products that you’re selling. 

One of the most important things to consider when you have a micro market, or unattended retail business is offering a simple checkout process.

Thanks to the newly designed SATURN1000-E UPT by Castles Technology, operators finally have an easy-to-use, unattended terminal, that will make the checkout process a breeze.

About The SATURN 1000-E UPT
With more businesses converting to unattended retail, it made sense for Castles Technology to release their SATURN-1000E, a Wi-Fi-enabled terminal that comes with a front camera, microphone, Bluetooth, and barcode reader.

For more than 30 years, Minus Forty has been providing reliable and superior commercial refrigerated merchandising solutions for businesses nationwide. Maintaining the proper cooler temperature is essential for operators because it can mean the difference between products lasting longer or spoiling sooner than expected. 

What is the Ideal Refrigeration Temperature?
Government regulations state that fridges should be set at 40F and freezers at 0F, but the reality is that you should set them a little bit lower than what the government requires. Ideally, your fridge should be set between 35-38 F and your freezers should be set as low as -15 F.

Welcome to the future of intelligent touchscreen vending! SMRT1 Technologies is on a mission to provide the latest technology to make automated retail engaging, convenient, and memorable customer experience.

Thanks to SMRT1 Technologies, operators have access to safe, efficient, and highly profitable vending machines that have small footprints and can fit well in any setting. 

Upgrade Your Vending Machines with Smart1 Technology  
Besides offering consumers the products that they want 24-7, SMRT1 POD vending machines also have to offer operators the features that they are looking for as well including: 

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