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Webinar and Meeting: February 1st at 7 pm

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Just one week now! This is big, make plans to be there.

The Fingerprint of Intelligence

Thermodynamics and Information 


Prof. Andy McIntosh, PhD

On February 1st the GHCA will turn our attention from a series on archaeology to a year on the amazing progress in creation science that has occurred in recent years. For the first presentation in this year of amazing science we have Dr. Andy McIntosh, a professor Emeritus at Leeds University in the UK. Professor McIntosh is simply one of the most authoritative and engaging speakers on creation science in the world today.

Professor McIntosh holds an Emeritus chair in Thermodynamics at the University of Leeds in the UK. He is also an adjunct professor at Liberty University in Virginia, USA. Thermodynamics is one of the most foundational sciences. It is often a key to determining what is physically possible or not. It is important to all other branches of science. McIntosh has published over 200 papers and articles making contributions to various areas including thermodynamics, combustion theory, and aeronautics among others.


In the presentation Fingerprint of Intelligence -- Thermodynamics and Information Dr. McIntosh shows the impossibility from thermodynamics of information arising without intelligence. It shows the connection between information and thermodynamics and that there are parallel laws governing the transfer of information. The talk concludes that information is a third fundamental quantity distinct from matter and energy.

This will not be a course on thermodynamics but will use the basic conclusions of that foundational science to show us much about how to understand information. Just as Thermodynamics is one of the foundations of science and likewise information is one of the foundations of the existence of the nonmaterial world including consciousness, thought, mind, purpose, and design.


However, purpose and design is just what the secular establishment deny can exist in the world around us. Even the atheists agree that there is vast amounts of information and purpose stored up in designs by scientists, engineers, and others.


They also recognize the vast amount of information in DNA and living bodies of animals and people. But, these atheists claim the “apparent information and design” in the “natural” world around us could only arise only from natural selection without any actual purpose or design involved. They recognize the almost unimaginable amount of information resides in animal, plant, and human DNA but they imagine that this information arose from evolutionary natural selection even though they have a hard time defining in detail how such natural selection works.

Professor Andy McIntosh will shine a new light on these issues at the foundations of science so we will be able to asses the secular and atheist claims mentioned above. Then that light will get brighter than ever when in coming months we look at the work that has been done on human genetics in recent years.


So, make you plans for the first of February and mark you calendar to be at the GHCA by 7 pm. Don’t miss this meeting with Prof. McIntosh and the light he will shine on the foundations of science.

Frank Mayo

President, GHCA

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PS. After Prof. Macintosh leaves Houston on he will speak for SABBSA in San Antonio and MIOS in Dallas as well.

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