May 2022

A Message from the Executive Director


We’re getting close to the finish line!

As our students prepare to wrap up the Spring semester, and our seniors get ready to embark on their next journey, we want to recognize all of the hard work and growth that has gone into the 2022 school year so far. 

I am so proud of our community for their accomplishments and dedication to Pivot’s mission, and I am excited to share those accomplishments with you in this newsletter. You’ll read stories about what drives our dedicated staff and how one incredible student has utilized Pivot’s flexibility to support both her mental health and change the life of her furry friend! You’ll also learn about exciting Pivot updates, including new partnerships and programs with local community colleges, the success of our Reading Intervention Program, and a special note on our upcoming graduations.

The final push of the semester can be stressful, so encourage your students to be kind to themselves and take advantage of the many resources available — Pivot offers personalized support through our counseling team and their resources. Your student’s Educational Coordinator is also here to help keep workloads on track to meet your student’s specific needs. 

As always, our remarkable Pivot team is ready to round off the semester with continued commitment and unwavering support to your students. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for choosing to be part of the Pivot family — a family that constantly grows to new heights and makes an impact in the world.

Finish strong!