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I Love Our Fire Department

I want you to know how much I appreciate the men and women of Mesquite Fire and Rescue.

When I ran for office four years ago, one of my issues was keeping ambulance transport within our fire department and not outsourcing to a private contract medical service. Recently, I felt firsthand the importance of that.

I was recuperating at home following hip surgery when I began to have serious complications. We called 911 and the medical crew arrived to assess my situation. They immediately transported me to the hospital in St. George. While carefully monitoring my vital signs en route, they were receptive to the stress I was feeling. Their compassion and professionalism helped calm me. They treated me as if I was a family member, explaining to me what they were doing and why, and what I would expect upon arriving at the emergency room.

It was my deepest pleasure to stop by the fire station and formally thank the crew who treated me so well. Left to right are Captain Paramedic Will Martinez, Firefighter Paramedic Tom Limov, and Firefighter EMT Logan Binigelli. (Honestly, they are so busy answering calls it was difficult to arrange a meeting!)
Many in our community do not realize how much Mesquite Fire and Rescue does in our community. Read the 2021 Annual Report by clicking HERE.

Our department is under the fine leadership of Chief Jayson Andrus. I'd like you to know more about him.
Jayson Andrus
Chief of Mesquite Fire and Rescue
Chief Jayson Andrus was born and raised in St. George, Utah. He completed his Paramedic certification from Dixie State College then continued his education at Utah Valley University where he obtained his Bachelor’s in Emergency Management degree.

He and his wife, Laurie, have six children who love the city of Mesquite and the desert lifestyle. He enjoys spending time with his family either camping, going to the lake, or spending just a few minutes at the park.

Chief Andrus began working with Mesquite Fire and Rescue in 2007 and has progressed from Paramedic Firefighter to Critical Care Paramedic, Administrative Captain, and became Fire Chief in 2018. He has served all of these positions with optimism and passion.

In 2021 Chief Andrus graduated from UNLV with his Master’s of Public Administration. Chief Andrus enjoys working for the public and most of all, running emergency calls and working with the professionals at Mesquite Fire and Rescue. He truly believes being a firefighter is the best job in the world. 
Pioneer Park Groundbreaking
This is so wonderful for our city.

On February 16 an enthusiastic group of citizens and well-wishers gathered to mark the groundbreaking of the Dixie and Anne Leavitt Family Foundation Virgin Valley Pioneer Park Project.

Located at 41 East Mesquite Boulevard, across from City Hall, the Park Project will be more than just a park.
It will consist of two and three-story buildings offering small business storefronts, offices, and restaurants, with quality living spaces above them.

Unique shade structures, stream beds, and interactive displays will offer respite from high temperatures, fun activities, and history of our area to citizens and visitors. There will be gorgeous landscaping and a small amphitheater for gatherings. The City will maintain the grounds regularly as it will draw residents and visitors to learn about Mesquite.

Thank you to the Leavitt family for your important contribution to our community.
18th Annual Mesquite Heart Walk
Mesquite held its 18th Annual Heart Walk last month. More than 300 people signed up -- many more than last year when we were struggling through the pandemic.

I, along with other volunteers, cheered as the participants stopped by the Kids for Sports sponsored snack station where oranges and water were offered. Walkers gave us high-fives and seemed as though they were having great fun.
Traffic Signals Operational
Hafen and Riverside
The long-awaited new traffic lights at the corner of W. Hafen Lane and E. Riverside Road are now operational. It's going to take some getting used to, so be careful!
Mayor Litman's State of the City Address

Mayor Litman gave his State of the City address. If you didn't see it, you can view the video HERE.

The mayor laid out many ways the City of Mesquite is growing and attracting new projects and companies to enhance the lifestyle of the residents of the community.

Mayor LItman was generous in his comments about the dedication of our city's hard working staff. In particular, our department heads led the challenge everyone faced during the pandemic. Our police and fire department personnel were heroic in their efforts to keep us safe, while dealing with their own exposure and risks.

The mayor said the year started out with four strategic pillars - increase work force housing, expand tourism and recreational opportunities to diversify the economy, invigorate development of a vibrant downtown area and create new and existing pipelines to bring about a prepared workforce.

I want to thank the mayor for his kind comments about me personally, as he commended the work of our city council members. I am privileged to serve under his leadership and alongside such a dedicated group of people.
New Pickleball Courts
At last! The City's Recreation Center's pickleball courts have been completed. They opened last week and are located at 49 West Old Mill Road.

Pickleball is paddle sport played with a whiffle ball on a badminton-size court with a tennis-style net. It is all the rage now.

If you are a member of the Recreation Center, the use of the courts is free, otherwise it is $6 for adults and $3 for children.

Check with Mesquite Recreation Center for more information.
Mesquite Senior Games
Mesquite Senior Games 2022 is underway and looking for people to come and get active. I had such fun keeping score for the horseshoe tournament last year, and I have seen first hand how valuable this opportunity is for active seniors.

For more information, you can look at the brochure by clicking on THIS LINK. By joining in the fun, you will stay active and meet new people.
Women's History Month
March is Women's History Month which was established by Congress in 1987 in order to celebrate the contributions of women in our society throughout history. It started as National Women's Day in Manhattan on February 28 in 1909 when a group of suffragists got together.

Europeans picked up the tradition shortly thereafter and it was recognized by the United Nations in the 1970's.

Today (March 8) is International Women's Day.

Why do I mention this? In Mesquite, we have a Women's History and Culture Center which was founded by a group of dedicated women from our own community. Now is a good time to reach out. For more information you can visit their website HERE or send an email HERE.
Wedding Bell Blues Melodrama
Virgin Valley Theatre Group will present its third original melodrama at the Mesquite Community Theatre March 11-26. Tickets are on sale now for this marvelous play guaranteed to make you smile more than once.
The Arts Community
We have a thriving artists community with many opportunities for you to develop your artistic talent. There are also exhibits for you to enjoy. Visit the Mesquite Fine Arts Center HERE for information. This is one way to support our students this month.
Donkey Rescue
One of the most dedicated people I know is Joan Dunkle at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Please consider supporting this event. They always have such a great time.
Mesquite Toes
You don't want to miss this. The Mesquite Toes is one of our local gems.
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Enjoy the spring weather.
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