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Prevent The Autumn Fire Ant Invasion
Keep Your Grounds Safe And
Clear Of Pesky Fire Ants
Storm Trooper Fire Ant Killer produces a dense expanding foam that is dispensed through the injector rod, which penetrates deep into the mound, killing the Ant Queen. When the Queen dies, so do all the remaining ants. This dense, long lasting foam increases contact time and blocks escape routes. One can treats 8 to 10 small mounds, 6 to 8 medium mounds and 4 to 6 large mounds. Storm Trooper is EPA registered and water based.   ​​

Step 1
Insert injector into fire ant mound.
Step 2
Push injector firmly and completely into the ground underneath the ant mound.
Step 3
As foam starts to reach the surface, remove injector.
For quick treatment and touch-up, Storm Trooper can also be applied directly to the surface of the fire ant mound.

$210.00/case. 12/19 oz can case (0.15% Tetramethrin, 0.375% Permethrin) with one mound injector. >click here for the SDS/Spec sheet
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