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and Fire Department Training at Children's
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Training at Former CMH Site

 Stockton Drive Pedestrian Underpasses Rehabilitation 

July 7 - September 30, 2014


I am happy to announce that the three pedestrian underpasses located under Stockton Drive at approximately Deming Place, Belden Avenue and Dickens Avenue will be under construction beginning July 7th. 


Construction will be staged to ensure at least one tunnel is open to the public during construction.


Stage 1:
The tunnels located at 2600 N. Lakeview Avenue  and 2250 N. Lincoln Park West will be closed. The tunnel located at 2050 N. Lincoln Park West will be open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Stage 2:
At least one of the tunnels located at 2600 N. Lakeview Avenue and 2250 N. Lincoln Park West will be open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
The tunnel located at 2050 N. Lincoln Park West will be closed.   

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Dear Friends,

Last week at City Council, I voted in support of an ordinance to create tough restrictions on gun shops. As a longtime advocate of efforts to combat gun violence, I'm pleased this law will require background checks for gun store employees, videotaping of gun purchases, limiting handgun purchases to one a month, and will allow gun dealers only in zoned commercial districts, not residential or business districts, as well as prohibiting gun stores within 500 feet of schools.


Additionally, despite my vigorous objection, an ordinance to authorize a "technology charge" to commercial dumpsters passed the council. The ordinance, which I do not support and voted against, will require owners to add electronic identification tags to the receptacles to enable the city to determine whether the permit fees are up to date. 


While I am extremely disappointed this measure passed, I will keep local residents apprised as to further updates as this ordinance is implemented.

Fire Department Training at

 Former Children's Site


Children's Memorial Hospital is assisting the Chicago Fire Department by providing access to the vacant property located at 2300 N. Lincoln in order to conduct training exercises. 


Training will take place on eight days over a three week period starting Tuesday, July 1, through Friday, July 25. Each day of training will begin at 1 p.m., and end at 4 p.m.  


The ability to train in a facility such as the vacant hospital, will allow the Chicago Fire Department to maintain a level of proficiency necessary to keep the community safe. 


The training will not be visible to the public with the exception of the parked vehicles and entering/exiting the building.  During training exercises, there may be up to 6 fire trucks present on site, and as many as 25 firefighters present. Safety will be the main priority for all aspects of the training.


If you have any questions, please contact Ken Labok, Community Relations Manager for Children's Memorial Hospital, at  at 312-519-7895.




Michele Signature 

Michele Smith

43rd Ward Alderman