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      A week ago, the U.S. Senate held a public hearing on complaints of top-flight gymnasts against the FBI's failures in its investigation of Dr. Larry Nassar, who sexually abused many underaged gymnasts. After their testimonies, FBI Director Wray was asked to testify before the Senate also. He apologized profusely to the victims and to the nation.

      He stated twice such mistakes would "NEVER happen again!"

      How could Director Wray be so certain? Did he pound his desk and propose an FBI-wide sensitivity training program for agents to listen to female
complaints seriously? NO! He FIRED the wrongful agent! Click here to hear
Director Wray's statement in a video, starting at 5:00.

Should the same be done against FBI agents,
who intentionally incriminated Persons of Chinese Origin?

      80-20 President, S. B. Woo, is in the process of writing FBI Director Wray to suggest that the FBI fire the agents who incriminated Prof. Hu in order to ensure that such intentional wrongful prosecution against persons of Chinese origin will "NEVER happen again".
The Intentional Wrongful Acts of FBI agent Kujtim Sadiku

      I don't think you need reminding. If you do, here are exact quotes from a Knox News article about the intentional wrongful acts of Kujtim Sadiku.
      "FBI Agent Kujtim Sadiku admitted last week in an ongoing trial in Knoxville that federal agents:

  •      Falsely accused former UTK associate professor Dr. Anming Hu of
            being a Chinese spy.
  •      Falsely implicated him as an operative for the Chinese military in
            meetings with Hu’s bosses.
  •      Used false information to put Hu on the federal no-fly list.
  •      Spurred U.S. customs agents to seize Hu’s computer and phone and
           spread word throughout the international research community that HU 
            was poison.
  •      Used false information to justify putting a team of agents to spy on Hu
            and his son, a freshman at UTK, for nearly two years.
  •      Used false information to press Hu to become a spy for the U.S.

      Shall the Chinese American community be so timid as to accept such
intentional wrongful acts against us, without requesting FBI Director Wray to fire that agent? I want to hear YOUR view! Be our role model and speak up! The person you will have helped by speaking up could be YOU yourself and/or YOUR children.

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)