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Disaster Assistance Center Opens Monday, January 3 for Those Impacted by Marshall Fire 

In response to the devastating Marshall Fire, Boulder County and a network of community partners will open a Disaster Assistance Center beginning Monday, January 3 to help people who lost homes in or were displaced by the fire.

What: Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center for people who lost homes in or were displaced by the Marshall Fire 

When: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week 

Where: Boulder County Southeast Hub, 1755 South Public Road, Lafayette, CO  

Help Available: For people who lost homes in or were displaced by the Marshall Fire, the Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center will provide services including:  

  • Consultation on property loss and filing claims for assistance 
  • Gift cards for replacement of food and transportation costs 
  • Information about short- and long-term housing 
  • Help with vital records 
  • Referrals to emergency shelter 
  • Food assistance
  • Mental health services 
  • COVID-19 tests 
  • Transportation vouchers 
  • Referrals for personal finance planning 

The Superior Chamber has partnered with the Northwest Chamber Alliance to develop a resource webpage

for businesses and the community to provide a

clearing house of information. It is a living webpage

and will be updated regularly.

This new page is not meant to replace the information provided by the Boulder Office of Emergency Management (BOEM). Please continue to keep a watchful eye on the BOEM communication platforms for updates on evacuation zones, evacuation centers, and much more:




Public Information Map for evacuation and pre-evacuation zones

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