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With warm months ahead, you may have turned  your irrigation system back on after several months of having it off. Inspect the values, sprinkler heads, water lines, and properly schedule your timer with help from our Irrigation Startup Checklist.  

Need additional assistance? Schedule a free Irrigation Checkup with a member of our staff by calling the Water Conversation Hotline at 805-564-5460. 

In the latest episode of Garden Wise TV, learn about plant nutrition and composting, how to check your irrigation water pressure, learn to use an online tool to help you select the best plants for your garden, and how to revitalize the microbial life in your soil. 

Fire wise landscaping can protect your property during a wildfire by creating defensible space around your home. Fire wise landscaping is the selective removal of existing flammable plants and replacing them with fire wise plants that are maintained properly to resist the spread of wildfire. Learn more about fire wise landscaping by taking a self-tour of the Firescape Garden on the corner of Mission Ridge Rd and Stanwood Dr (Route 192) or go on a virtual tour of the Firescape Garden on our website. 

Your sewer lateral sends the wastewater from your property to the City's main sewer line. This connection is usually located in the street. Learn more about your sewer lateral by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions webpage. 

The City's annual water quality report is now available. As we plan for the future the City remains committed to delivering safe and reliable drinking water to our customers. Learn about where your drinking water comes from, drought recovery, and water quality in the 2019 Water Quality Report.  

Join us for a variety of water wise gardening classes throughout Santa Barbara County:

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How to Read Your Water Meter

How to Read your Water Meter
How to Water Your Trees

How to Water your Trees
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