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Fire at Mystic Warehouse Destroys Thousands of Records
and Hundreds of T-Shirts

There's always an upside! No one was hurt, and your Mystic records are now more valuable than ever. Hold onto what you've got!

For us, the upside is that we found boxes of 25-year-old records, and as we go through them, Bill at Sound of California will be getting them out to stores.

Rarer than Ever: There were 500 pressed on the first three white records, Mentors, Nardcore, and Battalion of Saints. The fire destroyed most of inventory of these records, and we have only a few of each left. For collectors, this means that there are now less than 400 of these white records in existence. The same is true for Il Repute and Dr. Know, which were made in gold and green.

Burning Sons
Masquerade 7

Limited Edition 7"- 500 on White Vinyl

Here is the first guest release on Mystic Records and the first new band released on Mystic in 20 years!
A brand new hardcore punk monster was recently born in Milwaukee. No, this isn't some smoke-ring blowing baby Godzilla, this is the full grown lightning-breath King Ghidorah! This four-piece band blazes a unique path taking cues from "over the pond" bands of old such as Discharge and Broken Bones, and melding it with the eighties Southern California sounds of Battalion of Saints and Dr. Know. All the while they're adding their own present twist on it. Put these elements all together and you have the blast furnace known as Burning Sons.

Burning Sons

Made with cooperation of the original Mystic staff

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler/Howl Street Recordings (Get Rad, Protestant, Speedfreaks)

Killer cover artwork

Killer live show

Loyal following

Side One

1. Masquerade

2. DeathWatch

Side Two

1. Conquesl
2. Armiet



Catalog Number M7EPG-01
Format 7" - Ltd. White Vinyl

List Price $5.97

Release Date: August 10, 2010

Burning Sons Band

Mystic News--From the Vault

Heard from Randy Vance of Weekertendaze, a great rock band from Simi Valley who joined Mystic in 1985. We found a box of 80 LPs of their music. We're selling them at $15 including U.S. shipping

Simi Valley, known at Mystic as Slimey Valley, this friendly community is next to Nardcore (Oxnard Hardcore) where we found Il Repute, Dr. Know, and Agression. We have very few Nardcore records left at $15 including U.S. shipping.

In Slimey Valley, we found Scott Rad of Scared Straight, the White Sox choice for lefty pitcher, and currently coaching in Cleveland. We have a handful of Slimey Valley left at $15 including U.S. shipping.

Test Pressings Available

For the first time, Mystic is offering test pressings to collectors. These are very limited editions.

25 Il Repute MLP 33 05
25 Dr. Know MLP 33 06
25 Mentors MLP 33 03
50 Nardcore MLP 33 125
25 Battalion of Saints MLP 33 161

Test pressings are $25 each including U.S. shipping.

As we go through the 25-year-old boxes, the original catalog of Mystic test pressings will become available. Watch for our next newsletter for info on these very rare test pressings!

Mystic T-Shirts

Don't forget the Mystic skull t-shirt! This is a black tee with the Mystic skull logo on the front. These Mystic tees are $10 including U.S. shipping for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Larger sizes (over XL) are available for $13 including U.S. shipping. What a deal!

Now Available
Best of Battalion of Saints
Limited Edition LP - WAS 500 on White Vinyl (very few left)
Includes Bonus Tracks

Best of Battalion of Saints contains songs from various studio recording sessions including from Hit Single in San Diego and Mystic Studios in Hollywood as well as live recordings. The pure energy generated by this band is apparent in their hard core, no holds barred style of thrash, screaming guitars by Chris Smith (R.I.P.) and the pained wailings of George Anthony that sound more like a sasquatch on steroids than anything human.

When the Mystic sessions took place in the early 80s, the band camped in the studio for several days of recording and yes, partying. The cover art was created by punk rock master Mad Marc Rude (R.I.P.) who was their manager and mentor at the time. The Best of Battalion of Saints release is part of the Mystic 2010 Collectors Series of limited edition of 500 records on white vinyl. Even with the collectability of the series, it is still priced to move and will be a crown in the collection of anyone who collects Mystic Records.

Battalion of Saints Album FrontSide One (Studio)
1. Chris Smith Interview
2. Modern Day Heroes
3. I Wanna Make You Scream
4. Holy Vision
5. Witch World
6. Intercourse
7. Solitary is Fun
8. Animal In Man
9. Sweaty Little Girls

Side Two (Live)
1. Fighting Boys
2. Second Coming
3. Fair Warning
4. Cops are Out
5. My Mind's Diseased
6. No Time
Battalion of Saints Album Back7. Ace of Spades
8. New Rose
9. Enema

Catalog Number MLP33161
List Price $13.98
UPC: 727563016117

Also on CD!
Black T-Shirts of LP Cover available from Sound of California or Mystic Records. See contact information below.

25 Years of Hard Core from Oxnard and Surrounding Areas

Limited Edition LP - WAS 500 on White Vinyl (very few left)

This is the ORIGINAL Nardcore.These are the original groups. When Doug first met the Ill Repute group and asked them what kind of music they played, they answered "Hardcore from Oxnard." So was born the name Nardcore, which designated the Oxnard and Ventura area of Mystic Land.
Following Ill Repute into the Mystic Studio were other Nardcore bands: Aggression, Scared Straight, Dr. Know, False Confession, RKL, Rat Pack, Rotters, Habeas Corpus, A.F.U. and Stalag 13. Mystic put them all together on one LP, and 25 years later, here are the original recordings along with bonus tracks on the free CD which were originally recorded at the same time and released on SuperSevens.

Nardcore CoverBoys' Room

1. Ill Repute (President)

2. Ill Repute (Sleepwalking)

3. Ill Repute (It's Not Gonna Happen to Me)

4. Scared Straight (Skate to Live)

5. Scared Straight (Peer Pressure)

6. Rat Pack (Tell Me How)

7. Rat Pack (World War 84)

8. Habeas Corpus (Steal You Blind)

9. Agression (The Smell)

10. Agression (Calling for You)

Girls' Room
1. Rkl (U.S. Steal)

2. Rkl (Lies)

3. Rkl (No Respect)

4. False Confessions (Feline)

5. Rotters (Howard Hughes)

6. Rotters (Men)

7. Dr. Know (Circle of Fear)

8. A.F.U. (High on the Hog)

9. Stalag 13 (Statistic)

10. Stalag 13 (Do It Rite)

Nardcore Free CD

Catalog Number MVP 33135
Format LP - Ltd. White Vinyl (includes free CD)
List Price $13.98

Nardcore UPC

UPC: 727563013512

Also on CD!
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The Mentors: Get up & Die

Limited Edition LP - WAS 500 on White Vinyl (very few left)

Includes Bonus Tracks from San Francisco
The Mentors, "El Duce" and "Philco," came to Mystic with Cosgrove who became famous for barking during Mystic recordings. The Mentors' recording had to be released without a cover to coincide with their appearance at the Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood where we also recorded The Mentors LP. Here is their first recording, produced by Philco and released as our "trash bag EP" on Mystic coupled with our live recordings at MaBuhay in San Francisco.
The Mentors, originally hailing from the Great Northwest, gained infamy for their brand of notorious punk music which they named "Rape Rock." In fact, Tipper Gore read the lyrics to one of their songs during the PMRC Congressional hearings. On April 19, 1997, El Duce was killed in suspicious circumstances, apparently being hit by a train in a state of intoxication. In a bizarre turn of events, El Duce's death came just days after he had been interviewed in connection with
an allegation he had been hired by Courtney Love to kill Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain.

Mentors CoverSide One - Studio
1. Goin' Through Your Purse
2. Get Up and Die
3. Peepin' Tom
4. Woman from Sodom
Side Two - Live
1. Adultery
2. Rockem' Sockem'
3. Havin' Sicky's Baby
4. El Duce
History of the Mentors

Also available on CD

Catalog Number MLP 33 003
Format LP - Ltd. White Vinyl
List Price $13.98


UPC: 72756300314

Also on CD!
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Limited Edition LP - WAS 500 on Purple Vinyl (150 left)

The hardest working group you will ever meet! Recorded in Hollywood at Mystic Studios in the days before digital. This is how punk sounded then, and here it it faithfully reproduced--NO F-X without effects! No outboard magic to sound like a major record company--this is raw! Enjoy the raw anger of youth telling you how they want to live and how they want their world to be.

NO F-X1. Live Your Life
2. My Friends
3. Six Pack Girls
4. Bang Gang
5. Hit it Hold it Back
6. Id
7. Cops and Donuts
8. Iron Man
9. Shitting Bricks
10. Mom's Rules
11. On My Mind
12. White Bread
13. Lager in the Dark
14. Too Mixed Up
NO F-X Record15. Brain Damaged
16. Bob Turkee
17. No Problems
18. Memories
19. Beast Within
20 Instramental
21. Ant Attack

Catalog Number MLP 33 180
Format LP - 500 Ltd. Purple Vinyl
List Price $13.98
Also on CD!
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Coming in January!
Best of Government Issue
Limited Edition LP - 500 on White Vinyl
Includes Bonus Tracks

Government Issue hails from Washington, D.C. The band is considered to be a founding member of the DC scene. With the intense musical energy and the wacky antics of Jon Stabb, often called "The Clowned Prince of Punk," they developed a loyal following on the East Coast. After seeing a Mystic display in a D. C. record store and knowing Mystic was strong in California, they called Doug Moody, and he brought them to Hollywood to record and introduced them to the West Coast.
This record is a combination of the "Give Us Stabb" studio EP and live recordings made across the U. S. It is an excellent sampler of their strongest material. The live recordings were recorded multi-track and later mixed in the studio.
The Best of Government Issue release is part of the Mystic 2010 Collectors Series. Even with the collectability of the series, it is still priced to move and is a must-have for anyone who collects Mystic.
Government Issue CoverSide One
1. Interview
2. Familiar
3. Time to Escape
4. The Next Time
5. Fun and Games
6. These Boots
7. Hall of Fame
8. Reflections
9. Notch to my Crotch
10. Plain to See
11. Written Word
Side Two
1. Interview
2. Hall of Fame
3. Understand
4. Teenager in a Box
5. G.I.
6. Hour of One
7. Dead Dog
8. Any Final Comments
9. Next Time
10. Blending In
11. Day of Reckoning

Catalog Number MVP33175
Format LP - Ltd. White Vinyl

List Price $13.98

UPC: 727563017510

Read more about this band...
Also on CD!
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About Mystic Records

During the 1970s and 80s, rock and roll evolved from sounding like cartoon music to realism. The wars were very real to the young, and they were rebelling. Punk had come from Scotland as the Scots rebelled against the British. In California, punk became thrash or "thrash and bash." Generally it was hardcore, agressive, in-your-face music with the musicians wearing skulls meaning, "I'm doing what's in my head."

Doug Moody, who had held executive positions with several record companies, formed Mystic Records to record unknown bands. Mystic joined the revolution. It reminded Doug of the 1950s when black bands turned the blues into R & B. Doug had 18 gold records during the 1950s including "In the Still of the Night" by the Five Satins on Doug's Ember Records label prior to founding Mystic.

With the help of five producer/engineers, Mystic recorded 500 unknown skateboard bands throughout the 80s and beyond. Mystic specializes in hardcore punk, crossover thrash, underground, vintage, and cult records. Many of the bands recorded by Mystic later became famous such as NOFX, Dr. Know, RKL, Battallion of Saints, Ill Repute, and The Mentors. Mystic also released vinyl records by Suicidal Tendencies, Government Issue, Black Flag, The Minutemen, The Instigators, and Bad Religion.

Today 300 of the 500 original bands are currently on Mystic Records. Over the next two years, Mystic will release the catalog on white vinyl LPs and Super Seven, making many vinyl collectors' dreams come true. st of the records were recorded in the legendary Mystic Sound Studio in Hollywood. Today Mystic offers new releases and re-releases of classic albums on collectible colored vinyl, t-shirts and other related products.
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