Firehouse Tours, Strong Polling, & Debates!
We are officially 13 days out until the election and we are going full speed!

These past two weeks have been chock-full of debates, small business and firehouse tours, and we have gotten back some very promising polling which gives our team an 11 point edge!

It is evident that our message of economic prosperity only being achieved by getting the government out of the private sector is resonating with our district. Further, people in the 5th are realizing that my opponent's attempt to combat ISIS with a PR campaign is not only ill-informed, it's downright dangerous. We need a more aggressive strategy to defeating terrorism where it lies and Jane Dittmar falls woefully of short of taking the necessary steps to do that.

The past several months have been grueling but we are asking for all hands on deck as we are so close to turning around the direction of this country. In our lifetime, there has not been a more important election and the Supreme Court, security of this nation, and basic Constitutional Rights hang in the balance like never before.

So over the next 13 days we ask that everyone continues to volunteer, contribute, and help however you are able with both our race and Mr. Trump. Everyone's help is welcomed and much appreciated!
Tom in the News
Campaigning for Virginia's 5th District Seat: Tom Garrett

"We need to understand these guys and gals are serving us and when they tell us 'hey, education credits in exchange for service would be good' we need to listen. When they say 'hey, a tax credit in exchange for service would be good' we need to listen," said the GOP candidate.

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Down Ticket in the 5th District

Garrett wants localities to determine how to spend federal funds, citing the town that got $600,000 for crosswalks and a farmers market, but has crumbling water and sewer infrastructure. With $19 trillion in debt, he objects to federal funds being used to build dog parks. “State and federal government should shrink and local governments should grow, because that’s where we know how to get things done,” he says.

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Polling Indicates Dittmar Campaign in Free Fall After Tumultuous Week

Polling conducted over the weekend by Meeting Street Research, a nationally recognized survey firm based in South Carolina, showed Garrett with a solid eleven-point lead over Dittmar (50%-39%).  Polling by the same firm in September showed Garrett ahead by a similar margin (47% to 36%).  Republicans are solidified behind Garrett (91%-0%) and Democrats are supporting Dittmar (90%-2%), but Independents are giving their votes to Garrett (52%-30%).

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Dittmar Won't Stand Up for Us

"When I served with her for a little over two years on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, I felt her voting record was greatly influenced by special-interest groups and party politics, even when it went against the majority interests of the people she represented." 

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Garrett and Dittmar Clash for Seventh Time in Greene County

Garrett said that he wouldn't want to see the minimum wage rise, and said that it would make more sense to provide tax breaks or increases to a person's wage.

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Pictures from the Campaign Trail
Pictured with Tom and Flanna are Delegate Tommy Wright and Lunenburg Mike Hankins.
Tom and Congressman Rob Wittman at a door-knocking event in Fauquier County on October 22.
Team Tom assembled in Fauquier for a joint door-knocking event with Congressman Wittman.
Tom and Delegate Webert at a Polo Event in Fauquier County on October 23.
Team Tom with Carly Fiorina in Fauquier County on October 22.
Tom addresses a group of college students at a MAC-PAC event prior to the Vice-Presidential debate right here in the 5th District.
Tom visits with various firefighters in the 5th District in Scottsville, Fluvanna, Greene, Farmville, and Appomattox on October 14.
Tom addresses the Virginia Federation of Republican Women in Fauquier County on October 23.