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Fireplace Mantels
A mantel is a classic component of your home's fireplace -- it's hard to imagine it without one. Faux mantels offer the best of both worlds -- the realistic look of natural wood combined with modern convenience and affordability.

Check out these five mantel projects below, and the reasons why faux can work for you.
Custom Timber mantel
Easy to Install

Mantels made from solid timber are heavy, easily weighing 50 lbs or much more. They're difficult to handle and require heavy-duty support.

Faux mantels on the other hand range from 5-14 lbs, making it easy for one person to install alone with a few screws and some construction adhesive.

Mantel shown:
Handy Box Design

The mantel's 3-sided box design makes it not only lightweight, but handy for concealing wires or cables that can be run through the center.

This feature makes it easy for you to outfit your mantel with electric candles, twinkle lights or even a small music player without ugly wiring hanging everywhere.

Mantel shown:

Resawn Mantel
Rough Sawn mantel shelf
No Maintenance, Even Outdoors

The mantels' polyurethane material is highly durable and requires zero maintenance.

Even when installed outdoors and exposed for years to rain, cold temperatures and sunlight -- they won't crack, warp or fade.

Mantel shown:
Rough Sawn Mantel Shelf
(Juliet Cove shape)
Class A Fire Rated Option

Although residential building codes typically don't require a Class A Fire rating, most of our mantels are available with this fire-retardant option.

This may give you extra peace of mind.

Mantel shown:
Driftwood Mantel
Rough Hewn mantel
Pair with Panels

If you're looking to give your fireplace an all-over makeover, our mantels pair beautifully with the stone-style panels available at our sister site, fauxpanels.com

With the panels you can create a small surround or cover the entire wall. Add the mantel and your fireplace has a whole new look.

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Hand Hewn mantel
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How to Install a Faux Mantel, Step by Step
Testimonial of the Month
The fit and finish of the faux mantel is second to none and was ready to install right out of the box. In the original plan we were going to use real wood that would have not only cost more but also taken countless hours of back breaking work to mount and install. The mantel not only went up in no time at all, the overall effect looks like real wood not only in sight, but in feel also. We are pleased with the purchase and would recommend this mantle to anyone looking to enhance their fireplace. -- Troy, Texas
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