Firetown Market - Landmark
While most farmer’s markets are open-air affairs that only open for a short periods in summer, the Firetown Market has made some adaptations for New England weather, it can remain open year-round. It is essentially a converted warehouse that has had most of the exterior walls removed and replaced by horizontally-sliding doorways. These can be slid open on warm sunny days to give an open-air but still roofed-over feel; or slid closed to keep out the cold winter’s wind.

The vendors are all still farmers or people working directly for farmers, but the emphasis has shifted to ‘premium’ food not commonly found at supermarkets. Much of the produce here is organic, locally-grown fare, while some is just rarer; this is the only place in Titan City where you can get pheasant and quail, and nowhere else has fresher duck. Chefs commonly shop here to make sure they have the very best for their customers.
The Firetown Market is built on the site of what had been a block of Old Bradford’s row houses. After the site was leveled by Hurricane Atlas, the city planners decided the area could use more shopping. Initial plans were drawn up for a large grocery store with an attached strip mall, but then a citizen’s suggestion of a more traditional open-air market was heard.

The idea quickly gained favor among the locals, but a spirited debate broke out concerning the usefulness of a shop that could not remain open during the cold New England winters. To resolve this issue in a cost-effective manner, a more permanent structure was proposed. Composed primarily of a re-purposed warehouse and the sliding doors from aircraft hangars, the new design called for a Market building that could be opened almost completely in the summer, yet sealed up in winter. The proposal was circulated, voted on, and approved in nearly record time.
Inside, the structure is divided by low walls into multiple booths; with a small number of fully-enclosed shops along one wall for the few permanent stores. The booths are a colorful display of produce, meats, fish, and crafted wares, along with food vendors selling cheap and tasty snacks. You can buy anything here from tonight’s dinner to a new hemp handbag to cotton candy; and get a shoeshine or back massage to boot.