One of the very first areas to be rebuilt after the Great Fire, Firetown still has many of its turn-of-the-century rowhouses intact, having been carefully (or carelessly) maintained from that time, although many were destroyed in the Hurricane Atlas incident and then reconstructed.
Due to the small, cheap houses initially built for only temporary habitation (and later reinforced and refurbished), Firetown has traditionally been very cheap to live in – so much so that a local urban legend posits the neighborhood's name as the origin of the term 'fire sale', although this is not the case. Now the neighborhood tends to be both expensive and tackily kitsch, with some areas being given over to rental housing for students.
The area hosts a few old, small, family-owned restaurants that tend to garner strong reviews from generation to generation. One of them, Mario's Italian Eatery, has gone on to become a chain throughout the city.
Firetown sits on the edge of Victory Beach and shares some of the character of the beach boardwalk amusement park, with many restaurants, tattoo parlors and nautical museums that make it very entertaining.
Firetown is less grand and flashy than some of its surrounding neighborhoods, but don't miss out on some of the very unique spots to visit for fights and battles in this part of town!