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June 2012 

Criminal and Traffic Law
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Expungement and Restoration of Civil Rights

I was charged with a criminal offense in Virginia and found out that it's on my criminal record. Can I get it 'Expunged', or removed, from my criminal record? 


When you are charged with a crime, that information is placed into police records, Court records and on your criminal record.  Some basic information in Court records is even shown on the internet.  Later, when you are either convicted of the charge or the charge is dismissed, that information is then added to such records.  If the charge is dismissed it does NOT "fall off" of or "disappear" from your criminal record.  Despite the fact the charge was dismissed and you may have even heard the judge or your lawyer say the charge is not on your record anymore, the information is still out there!

In today's economy it's hard enough to find a place to live, a good job, or even credit without being hindered by a criminal record.  Read more 

Suspended Operator's License?



My driver's license has been suspended and I need to get it back so I can get back to work and pay the rent and feed my family.


The Courts and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles have been suspending citizens' licenses to drive practically ever since the DMV began issuing driver's licenses.  It may be a situation where you have done something wrong or forgotten to do something or maybe the DMV has made a mistake.  
Most of us need to be able to drive so we can work and our firm may be able to help to get your license back and put you on the road to work.  What do I need to do? Read more
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