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May 24, 2023

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  • First 200th Anniversary Celebration - Sunday, June 4
  • Mulching Party -Memorial Day, 5/29, 9:00 AM - Noon
  • Pentecost - May 28th - What Does It Mean?
  • The First Episcopal Church in Hamilton - 1823
  • The Plan for Celebrating the 200th Anniversary
  • Sign Up to Help at Hamilton PRIDE on June 3
  • Save the Date for PRIDE Worship Service on June 7
  • Why Trinity is Supporting Hamilton PRIDE
  • Pictures From ECW Gathering on Sunday, May 21
  • Can You Help in the Clothes Closet on Wednesdays?
  • New Forward Day by Day Daily Devotions Available
  • Next Bible Study is Tuesday, May 30th
  • We Need a Clerk of the Vestry
  • Clothes Closet Needs Soap and Shampoo
  • Clothes Closet Donations Update
  • Altar Flowers for May 28th and Sign Ups
  • Full Worship Schedule - In-Person and Online
  • Sunday Scripture Readings
  • This Week at Trinity
  • May Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Prayer Requests
  • Online Giving Link


Trinity Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 851, Hamilton, OH 45012

Trinity's Online Giving Link


Trinity Sunday

June 4th

To the First

200th Anniversary

Celebration Event

A Special Eucharistic Service

from the 1789 Book of Common Prayer

9:30 AM and 4:00 PM

Consider Dressing in Period Costumes

Men Wear a Tie and Perhaps a Suit

And Women Hat

(or come just as you are!)


following the 9:30 AM worship service

Bring a dish to share

Consider bringing an "old-time" dish

(or if you can't bring a dish,

please show up anyway!)

Mulching Party!

Memorial Day, May 29,

9:00 AM to Noon

Yes we know!

Strange time for a mulching party!

However, this year we will be joined in mulching

by the Blazin' Saddles 4-H Group

(of which Allison Wesley is a member)

and this is the day and time

they could gather a group to come and lend us a hand.

We need your hands and energy to join in!

We will be getting 8 scoops of mulch and will concentrate on mulching the back near the parking lot

and the side by Butler Street.

Bring wheel burrows, shovels, rakes, and gloves.

We will provide water and lunch.

Drop in for an hour or the whole morning.

If you have a chance,

please let Mother Suzanne know you will be coming,

but if you forget still please drop in!


What Does It Mean?

Pentecost takes place on the 50th

day after Easter Sunday.

The word Pentecost comes from

the Greek word "pentekoste," which means "fiftieth.

Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other disciples following the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ (as described in the Book of Acts). It also marks the beginning of the Christian Church's mission to the world and the start of the Episcopal church year.

This special day is also traditionally referred to in the Episcopal and Anglican churches as "Whitsunday." This is due to Pentecost being a day for baptisms, and traditionally those being baptized would dress in white.

Today, we celebrate Pentecost by wearing red

to remind us of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

We encourage you to wear red this Sunday, May 28

especially when attending the

in-person or online 9:30 AM worship services!




ST. MATTHEWS, MAY 21, 2023

A RECORD of the Incorporation of Relegious Societies in the County of Butler in the State of OHIO According to the form of the Statute entitld an act for the Incorporation of Religious Societies, passed the seventh day of January one thousand Eight hundred and seventeen.

St. Matthews Church

21st May 1823

The State of Ohio Bulter County

The Rector, Vestry and Wardens of St. Matthews Protestant Episcopal Church of Hamilton.

Be it remembered that on the twenty first day of May one thousand eight hundred and twenty three the Certificate of the Chairman and Secretary of a meeting of the members of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the County of Hamilton was delivered to the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Butler aforesaid, on record to be enrolled, and here on the accord of the said Court of Common Pleas on the same twenty first day of May it is enrolled in the words following, to wit.

"In pursuance of public notice heretofore given agreeaby to the statutes of the State of Ohio for the Incorporating religious societies. The members of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Hamilton and its vicinity, met this tenth day of May A.D 1923, at the court house in Hamilton (their usual place of public worship) The object of the meeting being stated, The Right Reverend Philander Chase D.D. was chosen chairman and Thomas C. Kelsey Secretary. When Robert Jones and Isaac Howe were duly elected church wardens until the next Easter Monday and until their successors shall be chosen and qualified. It was moved, seconded and carried that their Parish be called and known by the name stile and title of The Rector, vestry and wardens of St. Matthew's Protestant Episcopal Church of Hamilton Butler County Ohio, in communion with the Protestant Episcopal Church of the State of Ohio. It was moved, seconded and carried that Robert Jones layman of this Parish be and he is hereby appointed to represent this Parish in the state convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Ohio at Worthing the ensuing session -- attest.

Thomas O. Kelsey Secretary & Phr. Chase, Chairman

If You Missed it!

Here is a Copy of the Letter

that went out last week Announcing the Plans

to Celebrate

the 200 Year Anniversary

of Episcopal Presence

in Hamilton

May 17, 2023


Dear Trinity Parishioners,


This year commemorates 200 years of the Episcopal Church in Hamilton. As many of you know, the road that led to the establishment of Trinity was full of tribulation. Three times the fledgling congregation folded. Yet, the foremothers and forefathers of our church persevered. Their faithful love and obedience to God is why we, in 2023, can celebrate 200 years of this parish being a piece of the Church in Hamilton, OH.

In recognition of this historic milestone, we will celebrate by highlighting several historic events in Trinity history. Here is our schedule of celebratory events.

April and MayPictures of Life at Trinity from years past will begin to be displayed around the parish. This will be a walk through time that parishioners and visitors can enjoy at their leisure.  


Trinity Sunday – June 4thBirthday Celebration – Date of Incorporation of the first St. Matthew’s, May 21, 1823, and Trinity Church, May 31, 1894. We will have a special Trinity Sunday worship service, using the Communion Service from the 1789 Book of Common Prayer, and a meal following with a birthday cake.

July - First Annual Dave Belew 4th of July Picnic - Hands down Dave Belew is Mr. 4th of July! We’re still settling on a date, but it will most likely be on the weekend of July 9th. We’ll have a cookout in the garden and games. Stay tuned.

October - Living Histories – We will be interviewing as many parishioners as possible, young and old, to compile a living history. Many of our members have incredible stories of life at Trinity! We would like to preserve those experiences for future generations.


Sunday of Advent III, December 17thCelebration of the First Worship Service and Eucharist in the current church sanctuary, December 16th, 1888. We will have a special worship service followed by a meal together, and then the Hanging of the Greens. Each parishioner will be encouraged to bring, as a gift of commemoration, a religious ornament, handmade, bought, or from your collection, to hang on a special Christmas tree. 


Legacy Campaign – As part of the celebration we will be initiating a Legacy Campaign. Give $2, $20, $200, $2,000, $20,000, $200,000, or any other amount to increase the principal amount in the Unrestricted Investment Account. This will be our gift to help support Trinity Church over the next 200 years. More about this in a future letter.

We hope that these ideas will excite you as much as they excite us! We deeply value Trinity and the rich history that we have as a spiritual anchor in Hamilton. Let the celebrating begin!


In Christ,


The Trinity Vestry and Rector


Jennifer Elliott (Senior Warden), Pat Combs, Terri Comer,

Jan Cornell, Jennifer Gattermeyer, Linda Griffin,

Kim Jewett, Sarah Ruston, Vicki Riddle, Vic Russo,

and The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte


Trinity Episcopal Church  

115 North Sixth Street, Hamilton, OH     

Mailing Address – P.O. Box 851, Hamilton, OH 45012


Sign Up to Help at Hamilton PRIDE

Saturday, June 3

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Marcum Park

There is a sign-up sheet in the Memorial Room or you can contact the parish office for more information.

There are opportunities to assist with:

Setup - 10:00 AM

Parade - 11:00 AM

Booth is Open - Noon to 5:00 PM

Teardown - 6:00 PM

Evening Event Peaceful Presence - Time to be Determined


Hamilton PRIDE will again be celebrated on the first Saturday of June, this year June 3rd. This is the third annual event and Trinity will again have a booth at the event.

There is a signup sheet in the Memorial room for setup, walking in the parade, greeting people at the booth, and teardown. The diocese will provide the booth and handouts. We will provide the hospitality, along with several other Episcopal Church's in the area. Usually setup is around 10:00 AM, the parade at 11:00, the booth is active from noon to 5:00 PM, and teardown begins at 5:00 PM

At last year's event there were some hate protesters during the evening entertainment. So, this year we are also looking for those who would be willing to help be a peaceful and shielding presence from the hate groups during the evening. The diocese will be making posters for this part of the event, with messages such as, "You are a child of God," and "God loves you, no exceptions." These particular volunteers will need to attend a short training session.

And finally, in the evening on Wednesday, June 7th, Trinity will be host to this year's Affirming Churches' PRIDE Healing and Reconciliation Service. In previous years this service was held at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in West Chester, Lord of Life Lutheran Church in West Chester, and Zion Lutheran in Hamilton.

PRIDE Healing and Reconciliation Church Service Wednesday, June 7

7:00 PM - Trinity Memorial Garden

The LGBTQ+ Community

and The Episcopal Church

Why is Trinity Supporting Hamilton PRIDE?


Clearly, we live in radically changing times when it is sometimes hard to get a handle on why we move in the directions that we move. The Episcopal Church has been working toward a greater understanding and of all of God’s children, including our LQBTQ+ sisters and brothers, for nearly a half-century. We are called to this work by God, by Scripture, and by our Baptismal Covenant. We are called to strive for justice and peace among all people and to respect dignity of every human being.

In the Episcopal Church we base our knowledge of God and how we are to live as Christians by a combination of examining Scripture, Tradition, and Reason (including Experience). As the context of our lives change and as time moves on, as Biblical study takes into account newly discovered texts and understandings of ancient languages, and science discovers new revelations, we are called to re-examine our beliefs and how it is God is calling us to live lives as the faithful. This kind of continual reinterpretation is a Biblically based tradition, evident throughout all of Scripture and employed by Jesus himself.

There are many reasons that The Episcopal Church has moved in the directions we have to support our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. One as mentioned is the call of God to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every human being. But in the larger context of how it is we theologically consider what God is calling us to, we have come to deeper understandings of the context and interpretation of the Biblical stories. For instance, the true sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was lack of hospitality and the use of homosexual sex as violence. The sin in the New Testament was related to the common practice of adult men keeping “stables” of pubescent boys. Clearly examples all far removed from loving and life-giving relationships.

History has told us that same-sex relationships were about moral failings, yet current day science supports what those in the LQBTQ+ community have known all along, many since they were very young children, that this is who they were made to be. A myriad of hormones, genes, and DNA switches, that begin forming even in the womb, contribute to physical sex traits, gender identity, and feelings of sexual attraction. And they aren’t always switched on in the same direction. It’s one of the reasons we now address what we used to call the gay community the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Trans, Queer, +) Community. There are a myriad of ways that these varying biological markers come together.

Many people have told me their stories in my roles of priest or friend. I remember asking my first gay friend, a faithful Episcopalian, how he was he knew he was gay. He laughed and told me about his attractions in high school and then explained how he never would have chosen to be gay in a world that makes it so hard for him to be who he is. Another friend, a devout Roman Catholic altar boy in his youth, would lay before the altar and sob, before he tried to commit suicide, and then finally came out to his family. In story after story, almost all knew from the time they were young children, almost all struggled through a time of fear about coming out to their family and friends, and all came to a new sense of health and healing when they were finally able to embrace and live fully authentic lives. And all were faithful, very, very faithful Christians. They know about suffering, they know about love, they know about healing, and they know about Jesus.

So why will Trinity be supporting Hamilton Pride? Because as Presiding Bishop Michael Curry says, “Pride is both a celebration and a testament to sorrow and struggle that has not yet ended.”

~ Mother Suzanne

To find out more about The Episcopal Church and the history of our welcoming of our LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers go to:

ECW Picnic - May 21st

The Episcopal Church Women met on Sunday, May 21st in the Memorial Room for a "Picnic". We had "picnic" food, summer fun decorations and our tables were set up so we could all view the Memorial Garden. We had great fellowship and a short business meeting and ended with the following beautiful prayer:

O God, Creator of all life, bless the unsung lives of countless Christian women in every century who were your hands and feet, who kept alive your compassionate presence by feeding the hungry, nursing the sick, clothing the naked, comforting the sad, praying and petitioning, strengthening those in prison, teaching the stories, sewing and singing, weeping and rejoicing. Grant us the wisdom to discern our ministries in this day as our foremothers found theirs; lead us in new and timeless forms of discipleship; and let us joyfully find our place in the procession of praise; offering our varied gifts and voices together with them and Mary, the Mother of our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Can You Help

in the Clothes Closet?

We still need Help

on Wednesdays

9:45 AM to 12:15 PM

To greet and help customers

and keep the floor stocked.

Come to help anywhere from one to four days a month.

Must have a warm and welcoming heart and compassion for those in need. We will train you.

Not sure? Come and give it a try and see what you think.

Contact Mother Suzanne at or 513-869-8694.



Day by Day

Devotional Booklets


For May, June, & July

If you are not familiar with this wonderful daily devotional

from the Episcopal publisher Forward Movement,

you may want to check it out.

Regular or large print copies can be found in the Memorial Room,

or contact the Parish Office

(513-896-6755 or

and we will send you one.

Forward Movement is a primary Episcopal Church publisher of Christian devotions, meditations, and books and resources for prayer, spirituality, evangelism, pastoral care, and more.

To check out their other resources see their webpage at

Next Bible Study is

Tuesday, May 30th,

at 12:45 PM

We are studying

the Gospel according to Matthew.

Come join us!

Currently we are studying

The Sermon on the Mount

Come now and then

or come every week.

No prep necessary.

On May 30th

We will discuss of Matthew 6:1-7 on attitudes concerning prayer, and 6:16-18 on attitudes concerning fasting.

On May 23rd

With Mother Suzanne away on a Clergy Retreat at Procter, the Diocesan Camp and Conference Center, we gathered for fellowship and continued discussion on loving our enemies, Matthew 5:43-45.

We really do have a great time of fellowship and sharing about the interpretation and application of Scripture.

We hope you can join us.

We Still Need a

Clerk of the Vestry!

Why do we Need a Clerk of the Vestry?

Because Bridgid Cornell, who so graciously served as Clerk of the Vestry for the last three years, is stepping down. And because the By-Laws of Trinity and the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church require it.

What is a Clerk of the Vestry?

In essence the secretary of the governing board of the parish. That may sound scary, but its not.

What are the Responsibilities?

  • Attend the monthly Vestry Meeting, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:45 PM in the Fellowship Hall and take minutes of the meeting.
  • Attend the yearly Annual Parish Meeting, usually a Sunday near the end of March, following the main worship service, and take minutes of the meeting.
  • Occasionally sign important documents of the parish. For example: passed resolutions; the annual Parochial Report to the diocese.
  • Attend occasional other meetings and events, and take minutes if necessary: For example: Vestry Retreat; emergency meetings of the Vestry.
  • Would have voice, but not vote.

What is the term?

One year term, renewable upon vote of Vestry.

Who is eligible?

Must be a Confirmed Member of the Episcopal Church.


Contact Mother Suzanne at or 513-869-8694.

The Clothes Closet

Continues to Need

Soap and Shampoo

Other special current needs include:

  • Sheets / Pillow Cases / Blankets

You can bring donations of these items to the parish office.

(Other items, please contact

the parish office or Mother Suzanne first.)

Thank you for all who brought in "Kroger" plastic bags.

Please keep them coming!

Thank You for your Support of this ministry!

Clothes Closet Donations - Update

We are accepting clothing on a limited basis

but you must contact Mother Suzanne or

the Parish Office prior to dropping off clothing.

We appreciate all the donations,

but because we are receiving such a generous abundance of clothing, we must manage the incoming flow.

We don't want to overwhelm those who so graciously

give their time in sorting and hanging clothing.

We usually in the end do not turn anyone away,

we just may ask you to hold onto your donation for a bit.

If you are able to hold onto winter clothes until the fall,

it would be helpful. We are concentrating on trying to get the summer clothes organized and onto the floor.

Thank you to every one

who contributes

to this important community ministry.

Please DO NOT leave clothing without first contacting the Parish Office or Mother Suzanne

The Altar Flowers for Sunday, May 28th

are given in honor of

Barbara Waddell's birthday,

by her loving family.


Sign Up to Donate

Altar Flowers

If you would like to donate altar flowers in memory of, or in honor of someone special, please contact Sue Samoviski now to reserve a date.

Remember, you may choose to call a florist to order these flowers, or you can purchase your flowers at the grocery store and make two arrangements for the altar. Or, you could provide flowers from your garden. Or potted plants. Clear plastic vases are available at church if you need them or you can arrange them directly into the altar vases.

Another option is to send a monetary donation to Trinity in lieu of flowers and in memory of or in honor of your loved ones. If you do that, please be sure to let Sue know the dedication of your donation.

Sue Samoviski: 513-478-8918 or

Worship In-Person at

Trinity Episcopal Church

115 North 6th Street

Hamilton, OH

Sunday, May 28th

Day of Pentecost | Whitsunday

Holy Eucharist Rite II - Music

in the Sanctuary

9:30 AM


Worship Online

Click Below to Join

on Facebook

Click here for Facebook Live

Day of Pentecost | Whitsunday

Sunday, May 28th

Morning Prayer – 9:30 a.m.


Mondays Thru Saturdays

A Word and A Prayer – 9:30 a.m.

Every Evening

Compline – 8:30 p.m.

Day of Pentecost | Whitsunday

May 28, 2023


Year A


Numbers 11:24-30

Acts 2:1-21

John 7:37-39

Psalm 104:25-35, 37

Click on the Scripture to read along.

Collect: O God, who on this day taught the hearts of your faithful people by sending to them the light of your Holy Spirit: Grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things, and evermore to rejoice in his holy comfort; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

This Week at Trinity

Wednesday, May 24

Parish Office Open -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Clothes Closet -- 10:00 AM to Noon – Basement

NA Meeting Wednesday -- 7:00 PM – Fellowship Hall

Thursday, May 25

NA Women’s Group -- 7:00 PM – Fellowship Hall

Friday, May 26

Parish Office Open -- 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

AA Meeting Friday -- 8:30 PM – Fellowship Hall

Sunday, May 28 - Day of Pentecost | Whitsunday

Holy Eucharist Rite II - Music -- 9:30 AM – Sanctuary

Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day

Mulching Party -- 9:00 AM to Noon

Parish Office Open -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Clothes Closet -- 10:00 AM to Noon – Basement

Tuesday, May 30

Bible Study -- 12:45 PM – Memorial Room

Wednesday, May 31

Parish Office Open -- 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Clothes Closet -- 10:00 AM to Noon – Basement

NA Meeting Wednesday -- 7:00 PM – Fellowship Hall

Thursday, June 1

NA Women’s Group -- 7:00 PM – Fellowship Hall

Friday, June 2

Parish Office Open -- 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

AA Meeting Friday -- 8:30 PM – Fellowship Hall

Saturday, June 3

Hamilton PRIDE -- 10:00 AM to Evening – Downtown Hamilton

Sunday, June 4 - First Sunday after Pentecost | Trinity Sunday

AND First 200th Anniversary Celebration!

Holy Eucharist from the 1789 BCP - Music -- 9:30 AM – Sanctuary

200th Anniversary Celebration Potluck -10:30 AM – Fellowship Hall

Holy Eucharist from the 1789 BCP - Music -- 4:00 PM - Sanctuary


We encourage you to remember these people

on their special days!

If we don't have your birth or marriage dates,

please contact the office.


Ronald Jordan - 5/3

Sue Lawrence - 5/8

Alayla Vanoss - 5/8

Joy Murphy - 5/10

Heather Komnenovich - 5/12

Thomas King - 5/21

Chrissy Rose - 5/26

Barbara Waddell - 5/30


Jim and Karen Schwartz - 5/3/87

Carl and Mary Bishop - 5/25/63

Prayer List

If there is someone you would like

to include on or remove from the list,

please email the Parish Office at

Prayer requests for:

  • Mary Kay Kroner
  • Nancy Compton, friend of Kathy Smith
  • For the repose of the soul of Larry Gill and for his family.
  • For Elaine who has died, and for her niece Heather Komnenovich
  • Candra
  • Ginny Woods
  • Peggy Ziegler
  • For Jeff, Brother of Kim Jewett
  • For Mark and Nathaniel Smith, and for Lois
  • Ryan Moore, Terri Comer's son
  • Ken Huelsman
  • Herm Lorance
  • Susan Tarbuck
  • Tina Chandler - for her recovery
  • Marge and Dave Belew
  • Nella Hurst, friend of Mike and Sue Samoviski
  • Carol and family, Stephanie Nowak's best friend and her family
  • Casey Graff
  • Chris Chesire
  • Diane Line
  • Goldie, mother of Pat Combs
  • Steven Palmer
  • Barbara and Michael Clifton
  • Rita Stanton
  • Pam and Terry Hurst
  • Carl and Mary Bishop
  • Beth and Chuck Blaylock
  • Kevin and Conner Wolff. Kevin is Dean King's godson; Conner is Kevin's father
  • Joan King
  • Tom King
  • Tom Snow, brother of Linda Griffin
  • Tony Plunkett
  • Tim Tidwell
  • Haley, Anne Elberfeld’s daughter
  • Our Nation
  • Ed Wendell, friend of Diane Line
  • Gregg, friend of Diane Line
  • Wesley and Mary Kay
  • Bob, father-in-law of Diane Line and father of Chris Cheshire
  • Bruce, nephew of Pam Bates
  • Doug Ottke, friend of Ginny and Tom Woods
  • Nancy Blaylock, mother of Chuck and mother-in-law of Beth
  • Carol Paschal and her family
  • Lee and Debbie Schutte, friends of Ginny and Tom Woods
  • Bill, Amy, William and Jordan
  • Daniel Spring, great nephew of Joan and Dean King
  • The sister of Heather Komnenovich
  • Anne Cole
  • Janice Stratton, aunt of Michelle Anderson
  • John and Linda Diesh Chesher
  • Russ Thompson
  • Tom Wilson
  • Georgia Adams
  • Richard Issacs
  • Heather Komnenovich
  • Jim and Joann Miller, friends of Joan and Dean King
  • Stephanie Woods
  • Linda and James Noble
  • For Ukraine
  • For Peace
  • Sue and Ken Lawrence
  • Jackie Huelsman
  • Mac
  • For Jan and Bridgid Cornell
  • Carol Jones
  • Mary and Hannah Caskey
  • Leslie and Warren Grossklaus
  • Bill Thaman
  • Dennis Jerdey - cousin of Ginny Woods
  • Sarah Ruston
  • Christy Brown
  • Bob Ross

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Chrissy Rose Receptionist    Jan Cornell, Investment Treasurer

  Jennifer Elliott, Music Director .............................................


Pat Combs, Terri Comer, Jan Cornell, Jennifer Gattermeyer, Linda Griffin,

Kim Jewett, Vicki Riddle, Vic Russo, Sarah Ruston

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