Critical Resource Webinars for Business Owners
(and Those Who Love Them!) TM
"Moving From Fear & Uncertainty
To Decisive Action Steps"
Highly respected business coach, speaker & a uthor of " Success Is A State Of Mind", Max Bolka, explains how getting through the crisis starts first with identifying obstacles. Learn the 6-step process to overcome & succeed despite challenges & live a life of 200% success: 100% outer achievement & 100% inner fulfillment!
Max Bolka
Business Coach, Comprehensive
Business Consulting
" How to Recession-Proof Your Mind"
The US Navy SEALS are a highly respected, disciplined fighting force trained to address crisis situations - determine appropriate responses - and take swift, decisive actions. Our country counts on them to find the way to succeed even though they often face overwhelming odds. Hear from retired Navy Seal Captain Rob Monroe on how to overcome today's fear and uncertainty by getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
Rob Monroe
Retired SEAL team Captain
"Managing Uncertainty: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable"
How can we stop fear and uncertainty from paralyzing our actions and stop being 
overwhelmed by negative thinking? Dr. Andy Ward teaches a five-step process to not be a victim of fear but move towards a centered, empathetic calm.
Dr. Andy Ward
Ward Psychological Group
"Five Steps to Overcome Fear
And Uncertainty"
"Beyond Technology: Moving From Surviving to Thriving!"
Sanjiv Prabhakaran
Bytes, Inc.
Daniel Amaro
Klarinet Solutions
Daniel Sakow
Jorge Ruiz de Castilla
"Just Show Me The Money - What's There & How To Get It?"
Chris Weissmann
VP/Branch Manager
HomeStreet Bank
Casey Hopkins
SBA Loan Expert HomeStreet Bank
Miriam Torres Baltys
Loan Officer
CDC Small Business Financing
"Just What Can A Politician
Do For You?
Turns Out - Quite A Bit!"
Scott Peters
52nd District
Brian Jones
CA State Senator,
38th District
Kristin Gaspar
San Diego Supervisor, District 3
"When Will Things Return to Normal?"
R. J. Kelly, ChFC, CLU,
Founder & Chief
Visionary Officer
Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.
“Dr. Nick” Yphantides
Chief Medical Officer, San Diego County
Cameron Killeen, CFA
Senior Investment Consultant
City National Rochdale
Wealth Legacy Group, Inc.
(858) 569-0633