May 2019 
Student Testimonials

"T he Future Center helped me with all the details when I was sending in my college applications.  In doing this, it made me more comfortable with talking to advisors who I've never met before."   Learn More
Advisor Honored

Hayley Moe and Jolene Goodman

Future Center Advisor Hayley Moe was honored with Central High School's "We're Lucky to Have You" award this month, nominated by Jolene Goodman.  

Here is what Jolene wrote about Hayley:

Student connections, sincere listening skills, honest life answers, student accountability, realism and patience are just a few of the many attributes this person possesses. We are lucky to have you here at Central High School.   

Every day I send students, as well as parents to the Future Center for help. The parents return to my desk with sincere gratitude for the help they just received from Hayley with FAFSA, or any other college questions they may have. Hayley Moe exemplifies what we should all strive for as employees. Her dedication to the students is second to none.  Thanks for all you do, Hayley!
With great admiration, Jolene Goodman

Meeting Our Future Stars

Future Center Advisor, Hayley Moe, had the opportunity to speak with the 5th grade students at State Road Elementary this spring. They discussed careers, career clusters and pathways, and post-high school opportunities. The students were great listeners, enthusiastic, and engaged in the conversation.

Future Center Seniors Participate in Annual Marches 
Each year, seniors who participated in Future Center activities walk in their caps and gowns to nearby elementary schools to show young students what it's like to be a successful high school graduate on the way to a bright future. The seniors also visit classrooms to answer questions and tell the students about their post-graduation plans.

Wednesday, May 22: Seniors from Central High School Class of 2019 will visit Spence Elementary School.

Thursday, May 23:  Seniors from Logan High School Class of 2019 will visit Northside Elementary School.

Congratulations to 
all the graduates!
F irst Scholarship Awarded

This month, La Crosse Promise made the first installment toward an adult scholarship for one of our Promise homeowners. Michael D'Hondt moved to La Crosse from Detroit, Mich. in 2017 and purchased a Promise-eligible spec home from Wied Investments in 2018.  
The new home (above) replaced a condemned home on Farnam Street, between 9th and 10th in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood. Currently, there are two other La Crosse Promise homes on that block, one occupied and one for sale at 921 Farnam. In addition, a newly-renovated Habitat for Humanity family home also has been established on that block. This is a great testament to the progress in neighborhood revitalization through community investments.
La Crosse Promise provides scholarships of up to $25,000 per student, ($50,000 per household) paid directly to the accredited college once verification of enrollment has been confirmed.  For adult scholars, the recipient must be listed on the deed of the owner-occupied new or renovated home, and live in the home for at least one year before requesting disbursement.

Micheal will apply his scholarship toward an MBA at Viterbo University.

Congratulations, Michael, and best wishes as your work toward your educational goals.
Hatifield Joins 
La Crosse Promise Board
La Crosse Promise announces the addition of Adam Hatfield to its Board of Directors, beginning a three-year term this May.
A Winona, Minn., native, Hatfield has lived in La Crosse since 2003 and is active in a variety of community and neighborhood development organizations and initiatives. He is manager of Media and Communications for Gundersen Health System, where he oversees internal and external communications for Gundersen's six hospitals, more than 60 clinic locations and 8,000 employees in three states. He is also a resident and advocate for the Washburn Neighborhood, a La Crosse Promise-designated neighborhood.

"My wife, Julie, and I have owned and lived in a home in La Crosse's historic Washburn Neighborhood for nearly a decade. In that time, we have seen our block, our neighborhood and our community transformed by programs like La Crosse Promise," said Hatfield. "We bought our home for its proximity to work and downtown amenities, but we have come to love it for its proximity to more and more homeowners, especially young families, who share our desire to support La Crosse's continued transformation."

In addition to his role at Gundersen, Hatfield is chair of the La Crosse Redevelopment Authority and is a citizen representative on the city of La Crosse's Community Development Committee. These bodies have made positive impacts on new development and planning in La Crosse, including new construction and renovation of existing homes.

The Hatfields have two children: Harper (4) and Matthew (2), and Julie Hatfield is a third-grade teacher at Emerson Elementary School.

"Adam brings a strong commitment to the community, as well as tremendous insight to the Promise board," said Brian Liesinger, Executive Director of La Crosse Promise. "The Hatfields also live next door to a La Crosse Promise home. So they have witnessed firsthand the vast improvement of an aging former rental property that sorely needed rehabbing inside and out."
Promise Eligible Properties

View all  Current Eligible Properties eligible for a La Crosse Promise Scholarship of up to $50,000 per household.  
921 Farnam
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A bout Us 
La Crosse Promise is a non-profit dedicated to education and neighborhood revitalization. We provide advising to all of the students in the School District of La Crosse about their future plans. In addition, our neighborhood program provides qualifying homeowners up to $50,000 in education scholarships.



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