February 10, 2014

We are family at Alaska Heliskiing. 
Building a strong, supportive foundation to be in the backcountry with other women who love snow. 

"What I want from Snow Sisters is basically to bring and inspire women to come to Alaska and ski big mountains. I would love to see women of all ability levels come contribute and challenge themselves."
-Rhianna, One of the Founders

First Annual Week Long Event
March 29 - April 6
Being surrounded by other like minded, beautiful people in a place that fosters a supportive and challenging environment can be a powerful thing. That is exactly what Snow Sisters is trying to accomplish. By bringing professional female skier and snowboarders, artists, dancers, yoga instructors, musicians, pilots, and other females with good energy together, we hope to create a place where we can thrive & grow off each others' energy and knowledge. 

Never been to Alaska? Here is your excuse. 
Never been to Haines? This is your time. 

Make the commitment and the time for yourself. 


Hooray for option.
All inclusive package? 
On the daily plan?
Can only make it for 4 days? 
We want you to know that you don't have to commit for 7 days. The whole point of Snow Sisters is to support your idea of a good time on and off the mountain while being surrounded by women who love what you love. 

You've got options! 
(And women love options)

Take the 4 hour ferry from Juneau to Haines and watch whales breach. Upon arrival in Haines, grab your ski bag and hitch out to 33 mile and hop in the helicopter. After a long day of shredding untouched pow, get in the hot tub, eat some Alaskan King Crab, go to an Avalanche class and then hit the sac. Maybe that was it for you. Or maybe you fell in love so quickly you want to be apart of the whole week? The choice is yours. We only want to give you a beautiful place to go to be surrounded by women who love to shred. No pressure. 

Message us on our Facebook page.
Email us at: sistershred@gmail.com

or call
907 314 3116
907 314 0092

Contact us and we are happy to help figure out what is the best Haines Alaska trip for you. 


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