Crews continue to work on elements related to the pedestrian underpass that will run underneath 1st Avenue between 30th Street Drive and 31st Street NE – one of the most significant construction elements of this project. 

Current work includes the installation of detour road and prep work for the retaining wall. Temporary travel lanes will be constructed to keep traffic flow open through the winter and while crews work on the installation of the pedestrian underpass.

Much of this underground work is expected to extend into the winter months, before final completion of the trail next year. The intersection of 29th Street will re-open during the winter months. Over the winter, traffic flow will remain open one lane each direction on 1st Avenue. Due to the nature of the work taking place at the underpass, the traffic pattern will remain one lane each direction throughout the winter, until crews can complete the underpass in its entirety and restore all travel lanes next year.