We wanted to provide you with an update on the work taking place on 1st Avenue East, which includes significant street and utility reconstruction, trail, sidewalk, streetscaping, and traffic signal improvements. 

The largest component of the project is the pedestrian underpass between 29th Street and 32nd Street. Crews have completed the demolition and removal of the old railroad bridge, and have constructed temporary travel lanes to keep traffic flow open. Steady progress will continue throughout the winter on underground utilities (storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer) along the east side of the roadway. Over the winter, crews will also begin construction of the new pedestrian underpass, which will be completed during the 2021 construction season.

Traffic Pattern
The current traffic pattern will remain in place over the course of the winter. Traffic will remain open one lane each direction between 29th Street and 32nd Street, until crews can complete the underpass in its entirety and restore all travel lanes in 2021. 

At the end of the project, the temporary lanes will be de-constructed and two lanes each direction and a center turn lane will be restored on 1st Avenue. The east leg of the intersection at 1st Avenue and 29th Street (Walgreens side) will remain closed over the winter; the west leg of the intersection (Five Seasons Tire side) will remain right-in, right-out only. The project includes a new northbound right turn lane at this intersection.

Coming Up In 2021
27th Street - 28th Street; east side of 31st Street - 34th Street

  • Completion of pedestrian underpass
  • 27th Street intersection realignment to improve sight visibility and reduce crashes
  • Modifying on-street parallel parking at 3200 block: including on-street ADA parking spaces, functional 6’ sidewalk, street trees, brick pavers, and paved area