We wanted to provide you with an update on the work taking place on 1st Avenue. Crews continue to work primarily on the west side of 1st Avenue, with lane reductions in effect.

Starting next week, travel lanes will shift to allow crews to continue working in other areas. One lane of traffic will remain open each direction. 

Crews have completed driveway and sidewalk installation on the west side of 1st Avenue, between 31st Street and 35th Street. Sodding is expected to occur at a later date. 

Crews are currently working on water main installation on the west side of 1st Avenue, between 29th Street and 31st Street. After water main installation has been completed, crews will begin working on retaining walls as well as constructing temporary travel lanes on the west side. These temporary travel lanes will be used while the pedestrian underpass is being constructed. Work in this stage will continue for the next several months. 1st Avenue will remain open one lane each direction. 

Trail Component  
The project includes a pedestrian underpass and trail improvements. The underpass will be installed underneath 1st Avenue, between 30th Street – 31st Street (across from Raining Rose) and will follow the already existing old railroad line. You can  view a map of the trail segment on our website.