We wanted to provide you with an update on the 1st Avenue project.

Crews have completed water main installation and are currently working on project components related to the pedestrian underpass that will be installed underneath 1st Avenue.

Left Turn Restrictions
Currently, traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction between 29th Street and 32nd Street.

Left-hand turns are restricted at both the 29th Street and 32nd Street intersections in order to minimize back-ups as much as possible.

If motorists were allowed to turn left at these intersections, they would be required to yield to oncoming traffic and would hold up the travel lane behind them. Failure to obey a traffic control device such as a “No Left Turns” sign is both illegal and dangerous. Left-hand turns will be restricted at these two intersections for the remainder of the construction season. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to keep traffic moving during construction.  

Trail Component  
The project includes a pedestrian underpass and trail improvements. The underpass will be installed underneath 1st Avenue, between 30th Street – 31st Street (across from Raining Rose) and will follow the already existing old railroad line. You can  view a map of the trail segment on our website.