Volume 12 June 10th, 2022

The First Branch Mary Poppins production was a great success!

The First Branch Newsletter  

A bi-weekly newsletter from Principal Mark Blount and Principal Michael Livingston featuring photos, stories, and updates from the Chelsea and Tunbridge schools.


Upcoming Dates to Note:

June 11th & 12th: the Ranger First Branch Fundariser (sign up and info below)

June 13th: Chelsea 8th Grade Graduation, 6:30pm, South Common, weather permitting

June 14th: Tunbridge 8th Grade Graduation, 6:30pm, outside weather permitting

June 15th: Last Day of School, noon dismissal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we end our time at Chelsea and Tunbridge we would like to thank our communities for all of their incredible support. Whether you are a community member who volunteered your time in some meaningful way in our schools, or parents who have trusted us with your beautiful children, or the faculty and staff who have devoted countless hours towards building safe and loving school environments, we have been thrilled to know you and to work with you.

Thank you for all of your support and best wishes going forward.


~ Mark and Michael

Both schools have a field day on Wednesday, June 15 that will run several hours in the morning before a noon dismissal.  Make sure students have a change of clothes!

Please have your children do one last look for overdue library books. 

An Update From Incoming Principal Janet Cash

Principal Janet Cash will be beginning in her official capacity at First Branch on July 1st. She looks forward to getting to know First Branch families this summer as we look forward to the coming school year. Be sure to keep an eye on summer newsletters to stay up to date with Principal Cash.

Parent Volunteers STILL Needed for the Ranger Fundraiser

On June 11th and 12th Tunbridge and Chelsea families and community members are invited to join a fundraising effort at The Ranger bike race on the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. The Ranger is excited to partner with our school support organizations to raise money for our First Branch Schools. Our groups support teacher requests for supplies, field trips, playground equipment, winter carnivals, field days, visiting artists, teacher appreciation events and more.

On Saturday, June 11th at 4pm, we will host a 5k fun run, with all proceeds to be shared between the schools and the Tunbridge Public Library. In the late afternoon we'll run a Lemonade and Cookie stand while Bow Thayer plays a free concert.

On Sunday, June 12th, the day of the bike races, we'll open up our Lemonade and Cookie stand again from 10am-4pm.

We hope this event serves as the first of many collaborative efforts to support our schools. We'll need volunteers of all shapes and sizes. Adults to register 5k participants, kids to hand out water to runners, adults to make lemonade, kids to sell cookies, adults to keep the kids from eating all the cookies...

If you can, please join us by signing up for a volunteer slot or two on either or both of the event days:

June 11 Ranger Volunteer Schedule

June 12 Ranger Volunteer Schedule

First Branch Reading Buddies. Chelsea First Graders and Sixth Graders spent time reading stories together one recent sunny day. 

Kindergarten News

In Chelsea: Ms. Crocker's kindergarten class made their last Woods Wednesday visit to their outdoor classroom. This year's students reflected on their favorite woods activities: finding sticks, making tools, drawing in nature, making games, playing games, wandering, teamwork, eating snack, building shelters, creating villages with friends, sit spots and "looking at the whole woods"!  This visit was bittersweet as it is the final visit for any kindergarten class to this site. Ms. Crocker will be establishing a new woods classroom site at the Tunbridge campus next year!  

Second Grade News

In Tunbridge: Second grade is working on building a buddy bench for the playground with the help of Coach Nick! Our buddy bench is inspired by the book, The Buddy Bench by Patty Brozo. In this story the children figure out a way to help friends on the playground ask to play, without actually asking. If you are sitting on the buddy bench, it means you are wanting to play and not sure how to get started and if you see someone on the buddy bench it is your queue to ask them to join! It is a great way to help support some students who might feel a little nervous on the playground for the first time and create friendships. Students worked hard to check all of Coach Nick's measurements and assemble the bench. Second grade will present the buddy bench to kindergarten and first grade students by reading the book, The Buddy Bench, and demonstrating its use through short skits. 

Third & Fourth Grade News

Tunbridge and Chelsea's combined field day (third graders pictured). They had so much fun getting to know their classmates for next year a little better. They played chicken toss, colored with chalk, planted flowers, made a banner, and played gaga ball. (There was probably some other stuff too, but I'm blanking on what it was right now.) It was a great chance to get to know their future classmates for next year!

8th Grade News

The Tunbridge 8th grade travelled to Boston on Friday, May 27th for an adventure filled day. They took in sights at the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, spent time at Faneuil Hall and got a history lesson, snacked on treats and shopped at Quincy Market. They also took a quick walk to the edge of Chinatown. It was a great day!

Athletics at First Branch

Middle school baseball team celebrates a wonderful season with both Chelsea and Tunbrdige players.

Left to right back row; Dylan Libby,Dylan Campbell,Tommy Amber,Owen Goodrich,Ethan Doyle,Sam Parkman,Iden Burt,Daegan Spinks.

Left to right front row kneeling ; Cooper Maraget,Logan Kuban,Landon Putney,Aiden Zeno,William Frietag,Miles Lawrence. 

Not in the picture, but on the team; Colby Libercent.

Jess Anderson's Girls on the Run practiced a 5K at the fairground last week. Their real 5K is coming up this weekend in Manchester.

Chelsea kids playing Operation Gumball (a modified version of Capture the Flag) in PE this week with Ms. Lesure.