Volume 6| February 11th, 2022
The First Branch Newsletter  
A bi-weekly newsletter from Principal Mark Blount and Principal Michael Livingston featuring photos, stories, and updates from the Chelsea and Tunbridge schools.
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Upcoming Dates to Note:

A recording of this week's Community Forum can be found here. Jan. 19th's recording can be found here.

February 11th: Half Day, noon dismissal.

February 21st - March 1st: Winter Vacation.

March 16th/17th: End of Second Trimester/Beginning of Third.

March 18th: Half Day, noon dismissal.

March 21st: Art/Music Switch. Art to Tunbridge, Music to Chelsea.

March 25th: Report Cards sent home.

March 31st: Half Day, noon dismissal.
Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week has been a busy one for the future of our schools. We held two community forums to introduce the finalists for the principal search and another forum on the restructuring process. Thank you to all of those who participated in and submitted questions for these forums.

Recordings for these forums are available. We strongly recommend families viewing the latest recording from 2/9 as you will find many of your questions answered and concerns addressed.

There will be more opportunities for community questions at the upcoming Selectboard meetings on this topic. More information about those will be forthcoming.

A new principal will be hired shortly and we will be communicating those efforts to you as that develops. We are looking forward to having the spring to transition with the new leadership.


~ Mark and Michael
Students met this week with both candidates for the new principal. They were given the opportunity to ask questions and share their perspectives. Centering the students has been a priority in this process.
The Nurse's Office
Health Hub welcomes Dr. Freyda Neyman to the practice and Amelia Lincoln. To arrange for a medical appointment with Dr. Freyda or a counseling appointment with Amelia contact the South Royalton Health Center at (802) 763 7575.

A reminder that you can also schedule dental cleanings through the Health Hub with Janine Reevs. Contact her at (802) 432 6060 x 1 to schedule a cleaning.

You can find more information about these three medical providers here.

Please visit Health Hub to access the forms needed to submit to your school to access the medical, mental health, and dental services HealthHUB provides.
Kindergarten News
OUTSIDE in Chelsea: Ms. Crocker's kindergarteners enjoying the new snowfall during Woods Wednesday. Students searched for animal tracks, engaged in a game of balance on a large branch sticking out of the snow and enjoyed quiet time at their sit spots. 
INSIDE in Chelsea: Ms. Crocker's kindergartners strengthen their "super reader powers" by reading alone or to a partner during quiet reading time. 
Second Grade News
Can you solve this problem? "Conner is turning 5. There are 63 presents in all. There are 25 on and under the table. How many are in the closet?" - Sofia & Brooklynn. Caitlyn MacGlaflin's second grade students in Tunbridge have been working hard to create story problems for their classmates to solve. Students are challenged to be flexible with their problem solving strategies and encouraged to use models, number lines and place value concepts to help solve the problems.  

Third and Fourth Grade News
INSIDE in Tunbridge : Jess Anderson's class wrapped up their study of matter with 2 chemical change experiments. Kids enjoyed using vinegar and baking soda to make CO2 and mixing ingredients to make "elephant toothpaste".
OUTSIDE in Tunbridge: Jess Anderson's 4th graders enjoyed some time on the rink in Tunbridge on a beautiful winter day.

Tracy Simon has been teaching Music at Chelsea and this winter 3rd and 4th graders were able to combine theater and music into their studies with a production of "The Peter Sisters and the Wolf". Here they are in rehearsal.
Cover of the Playbill for the production. The students performed for the Chelsea kindergarteners.
Sixth Grade News

Chelsea 6th graders built dog houses practicing their addition and subtraction of fractions to build the model houses to scale.
Basketball in Chelsea
Chelsea boys 7/8 played Williamstown.
Chelsea girls 7/8 played Williamstown.
Spring Baseball Sign up by March 15th

Registration Information and Packet Available here.

Contact Rebecca Burt, Tunbridge Baseball President
at (802) 281-8772 or by email at tunbridgebaseball@gmail.com
ICYMI: Please check Jan. 14th's Newsletter No. 4 or the homepage of the new website for a timeline on the Restructuring Process.