Dear Parents and Guardians,

Much has happened since our last newsletter sent just before Winter Break. To begin, a new principal has been hired for the FBUD. Janet Cash will start on July 1st. More on Ms. Cash, and opportunities to meet her, below.

We want to thank all of the Chelsea voters that came out to vote on Town Meeting Day. We are encouraged by the results. The question as to whether Chelsea should leave the First Branch Unified District was voted down. We are looking forward to the spring and the continuation of our Restructuring Efforts. To read more about this please visit the school's website.

Beginning Monday, when we return from the weekend, we will switch to a policy of optional masks. Please see a full communication from Superintendent Kinnarney in your inboxes as to the reasoning behind this decision. In short, our policies on illness and symptoms will remain as they were. And, we are highlighting to our students that the decision to wear a mask -or to not- will be a personal one, come Monday.

We are working hard to facilitate a community of compassion and non-judgement. As of Monday, we are a Mask Friendly school. Some students and families will choose to continue to wear them, some will choose to remove them. We ask that you have a conversation with your child this weekend in anticipation of Monday to communicate your family's decision as well as the importance of compassion in the days and weeks ahead. More on Mask Friendly schools below.


~ Mark and Michael