Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are happy to report that our first weeks with an optional mask policy have gone smoothly. The children are modeling tolerance and acceptance with these changes. If you have questions or concerns about this new policy, please contact either of us, or the school nurses to talk about it further.

We want to take time to thank our respective town road crews for doing an incredible job on the seemingly impossible as we live through one of the worst mud seasons in memory. We appreciate the agility with which parents have had to adapt to the temporary bus routes as we wait for the roads to stabilize.

Last Friday was a good reminder to be sure we have your most up-to-date contact information, including cell and home and work phone numbers.

Our Principal-to-be, Janet Cash, is currently in the middle of hiring an Associate Principal. She is working with the hiring committee, interviewing candidates and we will update you as that process unfolds.


~ Mark and Michael