Sunday, January 16, 2022

Please note there will be no in-person worship on
Sunday, January 16 and 23
The services will be live-streamed only.

To view the live-streamed 10 AM service, please use one of the links below.

Church Building Closure

While staff will be working in the building starting January 1o, the building will remain closed until January 23 at which time the Church Council will reassess the situation. Please call the church office if you need to come in for any reason. (203) 272-5323 x8.

Please note that the Monday, January 17 is a holiday and the offices are closed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
The Children's Faith Formation News and Information
(updated weekly)
Call to the Annual Meeting

A meeting of the First Congregational Church of Cheshire, United Church of Christ, is called by the Church Council for Sunday, January 23, 2022, and will commence at approximately 11:15 AM. This will be primarily an electronic meeting conducted on Zoom, and accessible online or by telephone. There will also be limited in-person seating at the church. In the event of inclement weather, this meeting will be rescheduled for Sunday, January 30, 2022. Information will be available in the Bulletin and E-blast prior to the meeting. If you would like to attend in person, please call the Church office to make a reservation. The meeting will commence for the purposes of:

1. Accepting the Annual Report for 2021
2. Accepting the budget for 2022
3. Election of Church Council, Ministry Group Members and other church officers
4. State of the Church
5. Other business

Leah Sanders, Clerk

The Annual Report and Financial Annual Report will be sent out to Church members under a separate email later today.

There are a limited amount of copies of the Annual and Financial Reports available for pickup at the church on the desk in the Cross Roads (back entrance).
Please click on Cheshire Residents Free Help at Home
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As we look ahead to tomorrow where God is leading us, we are asking you for the year to come to discern the amount that is right for you that helps us live into our bold mission. We are faithfully looking ahead to a bright 2022 where our treasures along with our time and talent will allow us to live fully into the spirit and open our doors wide, so we may serve, care and love together.

The 2022 pledge information was sent by mail on December 2. Please click on the button to the left to pledge online or return the pledge card to the church. We ask that you reply even if your pledge amount remains unchanged for the coming year. 
-The Stewardship Action Team 
2022 Pledge Envelopes
If you requested pledge envelopes, they are ready to be picked up in the church parlor. Please call the church office to schedule a pickup time (203) 272-5323x8
Challenge Winner Announced

At the end of last year, our Environmental Justice Team issued a challenge, inviting the congregation to go without single-use water bottles for two months.  Those who accepted the challenge signed up to win a reusable water bottle.  The winner, drawn at random from the entrants, is Courtney Devine.  Congratulations to her, and thanks to all who demonstrated that it's easy to be hydrated without harming the environment!  
Our 300th Birthday is coming! Help us Plan our Celebration!
First Church will celebrate the 300th anniversary of our founding on December 9, 2024. More than an anniversary marker, this occasion is a celebration of our past, and an opportunity to plan for our 4th century of mission and ministry. A paper version of our survey of interest form is located in both the sanctuary and the parlor. You can also find an online version below (just click on the picture); it will take less than 10 minutes to respond. Thank you for your participation! 
For de-icing, sand is better than salt:  When driveways and sidewalks are icy, lots of us put down salt. It does melt ice (as long as the temperature is at least 15 degrees), but there are problems. Salt runoff permanently pollutes water, affects our lakes, streams and groundwater, has lasting impacts on roads, bridges, buildings, and vehicles, and can harm pets, people, wildlife and plants.  Environmental experts say it’s better to use sand, which can be swept up later without harmful effects.  To be made safe, some surfaces may need salt – but try not to use more than is necessary. Twelve ounces, about as much as would fill a coffee mug, is enough to treat a 20-foot-long driveway or about 10 squares of sidewalk. Distribute it sparingly: Clumped salt is wasted salt. If you see salt left on the ground after the snow and ice clears, you are using too much. Sweep up the excess and throw it away rather than allowing it to run off. 

To learn more about our church’s Environmental Justice Team, email Anne McNulty or Karen Schnitzer
Sunday, January 16
10:00 a.m. Worship, online
6:00 p.m. Youth Group, Zoom

Monday, January 17
Martin Luther King Day - office and building are closed
7:00 p.m. Facilities Ministry, Zoom

Tuesday, January 18
1:15 p.m. Staff meeting, Zoom
7:00 p.m. Faith Formation Ministry, Zoom

Sunday, January 23
10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship, online
11:15 a.m. Annual Meeting, Zoom
Other Important Information

A reminder that the Prayer Net Prayer Ministry Team stands ready to pray for any requests. Simply email Alison the prayer request and she will send it on to our prayers in complete confidence unless otherwise noted. Let us support one another with the power of prayer.