July 25, 2021

(names in red are new additions)
To view the live-streamed 9:00 AM service, please use one of the links below.
Summer Worship moves to the air-conditioned Parish Hall and begins at 9 AM, we will switch to a typical summer program. This service will also be live streamed on YouTube and Facebook. 

**Because of the presence of unvaccinated children and others, all worshippers must be masked while inside the building.**
Action Team Volunteers Needed...

1. Faith Formation is looking for a team of individuals that are excited to help plan and host mutigenerational family fun events. Examples of past events, include: Oh the Places We'll Glow Summer Kickoff Party, Beach Blanket Bingo, Minute to Win it Game Night, Harvest Party Costume Party, etc. If you are interested in being part of this team, please email dawnm@firstcheshire.org

2. Volunteers needed for action team to call prospective donors for weekly flowers (starting in September) for the altar. Contact Terry Hamley, if you’re able to assist
Sunday flowers for Sanctuary and Parish Hall during summer months.

Please feel free to bring flowers from home to grace the Sanctuary for the rest of this month and the Parish Hall in July and August. If you would like to provide your own flowers, please contact Terry Hamley.
Nighttime Pollinators:  Lots of pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, are active during daylight hours. But some, particularly moths, pollinate at night. The flowers of some plants open and are fragrant after dark, which attracts these beneficial insects. There are many human-caused threats to all pollinators, including loss of habitat, use of pesticides, and invasive species. But for insects who are active at night, light pollution is also a major problem; too much light disorients them. Turning off unnecessary outside lights at night helps lots of bird species during migration – but nighttime pollinators such as moths also benefit from having less light pollution. If lights must be used at night, “warm” (yellow) tones are better for moths. And if outside lights are used for home security, consider those triggered by motion sensors, as they will disrupt fewer pollinators than those left on all night.  

To learn more about our church’s Environmental Justice Team, email Anne McNulty or Karen Schnitzer.  
Other Important Information

A reminder that the Prayer Net Prayer Ministry Team stands ready to pray for any requests. Simply email Alison the prayer request and she will send it on to our prayers in complete confidence unless otherwise noted. Let us support one another with the power of prayer.