Blue Oak's Newsletter | Issue #01|August 27, 2018
Welcome back everyone! It feels nice to have everyone back on campus. 
We hope you are all settling in well. We are still working on the first full newsletter, meanwhile, we wanted to share a few upcoming dates with you.
  • 8/27 Monday, 2nd-grade class meetings 6 pm
  • 8/28 Tuesday, 4th-grade class meetings 6 pm
  • 8/29 Wednesday, 3rd-grade class meetings 6 pm
  • 8/30 Thursday,1st-grade class meetings 6 pm

  • 9/3 Monday - NO SCHOOL

  • 9/4 Tuesday, Parent Council Meeting 6 pm (in Parent Center)
  • 9/5 Wednesday, 5th-grade class meeting 5:30 pm
  • 9/6 Thursday, Middle School Meeting (group then classes) 6 pm

* If you have questions about your class meetings, please contact your teacher.

* There will not be an All School meeting this year. We felt registration days and the class meetings were sufficient.