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February 11, 2021
2021 Resolution:
Growing in Faith Together

Last Class Tonight at 7:00 pm on Zoom
Scholar or beginner, come for conversation, learning and usually some laughter! Want to listen to past classes? Find the Epiphany Growing in Faith classes on our YouTube channel or visit our website.
We are back at Phase 4 mitigations in Kane County
Beginning February 21
We will welcome up to 30 people for the Sunday livestream and Stuff You Missed in Sunday School (adult education) will start again. At this time, no pre-registration is required but masks, self-certifying and physical distancing are still required. Please arrive for worship by 8:55 am. Arrive for Stuff You Missed in Sunday school between 10:45 and 11 am. Group size is based on space needs for social distancing.  

Wednesdays in Lent
We will remain on Zoom, as our normal participation is larger than current mitigation levels.

In April (exact date TBA)
We will begin offering services for those 65 and older two Wednesdays each month. This gives time for more of our seniors to be vaccinated and (hopefully) for the weather to get nicer! Watch here for more information!

Real questions from real people to learn more about faith
How did First Communion happen this year? Eighteen students were led in weekly classes by Carla Moellendorf (Mrs. Moe) on Zoom. They played games, watched videos together of worship, the stained glass windows, and about the altar (the last two were produced by Faith Sax). Our coordinator of Children and Family Ministries, Christy Heins, put together supplies for chalice painting and bread baking and the bags were dropped off at students' homes. The students painted and baked bread and learned. Then we gathered in 10 smaller groups in the sanctuary where the students received their first communion and served their families. They will be making the Lazarus House meal this week. In other words, all of our favorite parts of First Communion were still done, just in a new way! Thanks to Christy and Carla for their hard work and congratulations to our wonderful students!  

Not just for First Communion Students! If you're new in the Lutheran faith or want a refresher, make sure to check out these videos!

Pastor Trudy's Message
How much longer must we bear with this? Jesus says almost exactly this about dealing with people who don't seem to be 'getting it'. They are caught up in all the stuff of the world and even though he keeps telling them, do not seem touched by the fact that Jesus is called to be handed over and die. It is not so different for us in these days...we struggle to see a bigger picture, especially that following Jesus will lead us to sacrifice.  

God, you are God and we are not, yet we struggle to trust your leading in our daily lives; especially when you lead us to sacrifice. In Jesus' name, Amen.
February 14 worship:
Children's Bulletins: Ages 3+ & Ages 7+
Celebrating Communion with our First Communion Students
Sunday, February 14
Watch the service on Sunday at 9:00 am (or later) to see pictures of our first communion students zooming, baking bread, painting chalices, making the Lazarus House meal at home, and receiving their first communion in small groups at GLC!  You can share in communion that day, too.

Communion at home
  • Bake or buy your favorite bread (here is the recipe to the bread the students make each year— it is the first one, with molasses).
  • Pour some wine or grape juice in a special glass. Commune as directed during the livestream (or whenever you are able to tune in).
Drive-through communion:
  • In the circle drive from 10:15 -10:45 am.
Come to Christy's pre-recorded Sunday School lesson this weekend on YouTube or watch whenever and wherever works for you and your child!
Ash Wednesday Worship
I Will Follow You Lord
February 17 @ 7 pm live on Zoom*
*We will also record the service and share later on YouTube.
Lent 2021
Lessons I Don't Want to Forget
Earlier this week we sent a Lenten mailer to those in the GLC community that includes our schedule of worship services/activities, prayer prompts, and an ash cross. If you haven't received it by Ash Wednesday please let us know!
Opportunities for Worship and Connection

Pandemic Lessons from Jesus
Sundays Live @ 9 am on YouTube
February 21-March 21

Lessons from the GLC Community
set within Holden Evening Prayer
Wednesdays @ 7 pm on Zoom
February 24-March 24

Stirring up Memories with Soup
Sundays on Facebook/YouTube

Pulling It All Together
Discussion group -- all are welcome
Thursdays @ 7 pm on Zoom
February 25-March 25
Weekly Bible Study on ZOOM
Thursday, February 18 @ 9:30 am
We're discussing the Gospel of Luke. All are welcome! Contact Pastor Trudy or Vicar Amber

High School Youth Group
Hiking at Dick Young Forest Preserve
Sunday, February 21 @ 4:30 pm
Contact Julie Slifka

Northern Illinois Food Bank
Tuesday, February 23, 9 am-11:30 am
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Do you crochet or would you like to learn how to? We would like to supply
St. Andrew Lutheran Church and local shelters with Prayer Squares. If you're able to help, have questions or suggestions, please contact Carol Wurtz, or Martha Sobie,
Notes from the GLC Community
Thank you for the beautiful prayer shawl. It reminds me of the rainbow. It's nice and warm over my shoulders. I use it every day when I say my prayers. Amen! (from Jan Turk's sister)
We Lift up in Prayer
  • Jane Row, aunt of Renee Riani and Mitzi Pearson
  • Eric, Bob and Betty Zimmerman's grandson
  • Bill Rosenfelder
  • Gratitude for vaccine availability
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals
  • For people who are separated from family
  • All those with COVID-19
  • Front line workers
  • Teachers, students, and families
  • Pastors
  • For patience and understanding during vaccine distribution.
Please email Amy Steenson or call (630) 232-0165 if you would like to add a name to the prayer list. Submitted names will remain on the prayer list for two weeks.
GLC Prayer Chain
This is a confidential telephone network ministry that intercedes on behalf of those in need by lifting up specific requests, concerns, and emergency situations. To request prayer, please call Sally Harmon (630) 377-0021.
GLC Life in Pictures- First Communion
How we managed First Communion and it's activities and teaching this year certainly had a different look and feel that in previous years! We've heard from parents how appreciative they are for what we were able to do and still be so meaningful for their students. We'll be celebrating communion with our First Communion students this Sunday!
GLC First Communion Class of 2021
  • Carson Koenig
  • Charlotte Delp
  • Knox Umbach
  • Claudia Rago
  • Nora Rago
  • Jayden Rivera
  • Raegan Kramer
  • Graham Showalter
  • William Showalter
  • Paige Dieken
  • Benjamin Bailey
  • Halle Weiss
  • Owen Beu
  • Benjamin Cameron
  • Madeline McCarthy
  • Miles Frankel
  • Lilija Gaikis
  • Annie Torrence
Knox Umbach serving his family and blessing his brother (there were some giggles!).
Jayden Rivera ready for communion while Pastor Trudy says the Words of Institution.
Our final First Communion class on Zoom -- the "pet edition" with a dog and parrot!
Paige Dieken serving her family.
Bread making and smiling go together! Madeline McCarthy seems to think so, too!

Ben Cameron receiving his first communion.
Carson Koenig gives a thumbs up to making the bread.
Send your pictures of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist to Margo. Thank you!