First Day of Autumn

VIRTUAL Guided Meditation-Activation
Tuesday, September 22nd

Each participant may choose the TIME that is best for them (please join in @ ANY time during your day or evening to participate). You will be sent an Audio-Activation in the assistance to your participation/meditation)

Hello and Greetings ~

We are Looking so forward to this next New Season that is upon us. With the First Day of Autumn in the Air, we can begin to Shift and Sift the Old Energy that’s been chasing us in a black cloud of heaviness. It feels so refreshing to be in a New Energy Field, and we can Feel the Shift, Shifting us to better days. 

We are All about the Light. Light Energy and Happiness. Focusing on this Light opens up our Embodiment to receive New Energy that will help uplift and gift us to newer Experiences

It is TIME to let go of this worn out Path that we've been walking on for awhile now. 2020 has certainly been a year of Reconstruction, as to break down, tear-away, diminish and to Release the old ways and dissolve the disabilities and crippling effects on this earth. We are Birthing a New Beginning, and it is Time to Rise up and Shine our Light brighter. 

As Light-beings we are entrusting the Process, Procedures and Principles that the Universe has set before us. With Hope, Faith and Trust, the Truth shall be revealed and as a society, we shall Heal.  

On this First Day of Autumn we can Activate, Advance and Apply New Energy and Light Codes throughout our Sacred System, from the Cornucopia of Codes

This New Autumn represents the Harvesting of many New Offerings being presented before us. With Trust we begin to see the Truth, that everything is going to be ok. 

The Autumn Leaves falling off the Branches, are Symbolic for the Release, the Clutching grip, and the Hanging onto of so much Control, which has Constricted and Constrained the ability of this Tree to Breathe in New Life.  

Letting Go is a Good thing. It allows the Tree to be Free, as it begins its Process Proceeding into the Future, for New Growth, as it Rests, Resets, Regenerates and Re-Gifts itself New Life

As the Garden of Life surrounds us, it is up to us to tend to its needs, feeding it with Love and Light. As we Continually Care-take this Garden, we will begin the Harvest to Fill our Cornucopia with the Codes of Light. And as it is placed on the Table for those we Invite, we Share in the Goodness each Day and Night.  

Guided Meditation Activation ~

I’m super excited for this Journey’s experience. Each participant will receive an Audio-Activation in the assistance during their MeditationEach participant may choose the TIME that is best for them (please join in @ ANY time during your day or evening to participate), as Mary Holds Space for your beautiful Journey.

During this VIRTUAL Guided Meditation-Activation we will be receiving from the Cornucopia of Codes. These Light Codes are to help us as we Shift into our New Beginnings, our New Realities, our New Earth and Light Body. These Light Codes are symbolic transmissions from the Divine, filled with healing energy. By Meditating on these Light Code Symbols, New Energy streams through the Embodiment to Restore, Reset and Rejuvenate the Body to Balance.  

Every Coded Symbol helps the DNA to Repair, Upgrade the Embodiments Chakras and Auric Fields. These light codes are streams of information, drawn from the Christ-Consciousness of the Divine, intertwining the Subconscious mind that stimulates the Conscious mind to fully Connect to all that is. 

Please join us in the First Day of Autumn ~ Cornucopia of Codes VIRTUAL Guided Meditation-Activation. May we be fully immersed in the New Energy of this New Experience that Autumn has to Share with Us. We are So Blessed to be given these New Light Codes, as to Support and help us Heal that of what we’ve asked for. 

And So, it is!!!
Mary Martin Medium (3M)

What:            VIRTUAL Guided Meditation-Activation
                      (all Registrants will receive a pre-recorded Audio Message)

When:          Tuesday, September 22nd

Time:         YOUR TIME ~ Each participant may choose the TIME that is best for them (please join in @ ANY time during your day or evening).

Where:          In the Privacy of Your Own Personal Space

Cost:             Donation (Thank you)
Donation can also be made from Venmo or Zelle, Pease contact me for payment links. Thank you.
Mary Martin Medium

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