Wednesday, January 6th, 2021
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First Day of Session
Yesterday (Tuesday, January 5th), the 2021 Mississippi legislative session began. Although I am not sure if we will get through session in 3 months or longer, I am ready to serve on behalf of the people of Bolivar and Sunflower counties. As I pray for the safety of all my colleagues and I, we all understand the risk we are taking. Please stay abreast of legislative activities by reading some of my previous weekly newsletters. Also, check out my social media links. Click the below links for my last newsletter:

2020: A Year of History CLICK HERE
Mississippi State Flag Ratification
The state Senate is expected on Wednesday to pass on to the governor final ratification of a new state flag — sans the divisive Confederate battle emblem that flew for 126 years. Please CLICK HERE for the full article.
Ready to work....
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