First Day of Spring
Virtual Guided Meditation

Please join us for our next Energy Experience , as we Awaken and Activate New Codes coming forth on this First Day of Spring .

Spring is a Season of Renewal and New Birth. It is a time to create New Beginnings.

Spring is the time for ‘ cleaning out the old’ , so that New may arrive. Its about making way for New possibilities and New Commitments. 

On this First Day of Spring we will tend to our Spiritual Gardens , by gifting ourselves through the many “ Activation's ” being offered. Each Energy Experience creates an uplifting movement for our Body, Mind and Spirit . We’ve all been Sowing the Seeds in this New Garden for a while now, and it is time to witness what is Appearing before us. We are beginning to feel the Existence of our New Reality . This New Reality is a place of Peace and Simplicity. 

As we currently go through this Tremendous Collective Shift , we are experiencing something that is about to wipe clean the old slates , the old films , the old paradigm of our existences. 

We are in a MAJOR RESET .

We are Mindfully connecting to our Soul and Spirit.

We are in a Collective Communion .

We are Regenerating our Whole Embodiment.

We are Birthing a New Beginning.

We are the Gathering Gardeners weeding-out the Past. We are the Gathering Gardeners whom have Planted the Seeds we’ve Sown.  We are the Gathering Gardeners with great strength, offering our Love to those who remain weak and in Fear.

On this First Day of Spring we shall . . . Hear the Songs of the Flowers reverberating into our world, a Calming Frequency that will Caress each Soul willing to accept this New Birth occurring.  These Beautiful Flowers are an Amazing Power that will help us Stand Tall and remain Strong through it all.  
The Animals from the Forest are Birthing New Born Babies , mirroring to us an Innocence and Purity in this time of Renewal

There will be an Alchemical Cleansing and Purification Period from the Waters that will Shower and Bathe us, as it washes away the Dust particles from the Desert’s Storm we are walking through. 

The Birds will teach us how to take flight. They Align us with the Angelic Beings in perfect harmony. They take us to their Nest, so that we may be fed by the Mother Dove and her Eternal Love that she has for us. 

Nature is an important part of our Recovery . So, on this First Day of Spring , let us Awaken into a New Dawn of our New Beginning

Love and Motherly Blessings to thee. 
Mary Martin

What:           First Day of Spring, Virtual Guided Meditation
                        (each participant will receive an Audio-Activation Recording)

When:          Friday, March 20 th

Where:         In the privacy of your OWN PERSONAL space.

Time:             9:00 p.m. YOUR time
**IF you are not available at this time, you may still participate and receive the Audio-Activation Recording and listen whenever you can.
Cost:              Donation 
Mary Martin Medium

Guided Hands  offers  Energy Experiences  to assist in Spiritual  Activation's , while  Awakening  the Embodiment’s System during this  Accessional  Process.
As a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Muse and Modern-Day Mystic, Mary helps people connect to their Spiritual Embodiment, through their Akashic Records, Activation's, Karmic Balancing, Attunement's, Clearings, Healings, and Blessings by Teaching and Assisting one to raise and maintain their own vibrational frequency.
As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.
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Thank you and Blessings.
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