First Day of Spring
REMOTE Guided Meditation-Activation
March 20, 2021

Sowing the Seeds of Golden Alchemy
Message ~
“No Winter last Forever, No Spring skips its Turn” ~ Hal Borland

Spring brings Flowers, Sunshine, Blossoming Trees, Warmer air, Baby Animals, Easter, Rejuvenation and New Light to brighten the Shadow of Winters Past.

As Winter diminishes, we are here to Welcome the Sunshine of Spring. As we are leaving the comfort of our cozy blankets, fireplaces and hot coco to keep us Warm, we can now Emerge into this New Energy that the First Day of Spring brings to us. 

The Skies are Blue, and your Angels are in View to assist in all you do.

The Laughter of the Fairies are playful and young, asking you to dance and sing your songs.

The White Tail Deer holds a Mirror in front of you to Activate your eyes to see far greater than before. Open this Door, for it is time to go out, and Explore. 

All these Images and Symbols are a part of your Energy Experience, and it can take you Anywhere you want to go, and provide Anything you want to See…as long as You Believe. 

Spring is our Awakening, with an ability to Rise up with Enthusiasm and Enlightenment and to Entertain ourselves with New and Innovative Ideas, and Creativity that will Spark the Seeds of the Sunflower with the Power it has to offer. 

Coming up and out and into the Sunshine provides Nutrients for the Spine. The Spine that Supports your Seven Chakras, is like the Stalk of the Sunflower. This Flower is Strong and holds the Golden Seeds of Alchemy. It delivers Strength to help you Survive. More importantly, you are supplementing yourself with this New Energy to help you Thrive. 

Deep inside the Seven Seals are Seeds of Living Light. The Chakras System or Wheels, are Spinning these Seeds and will agree to Circulate them throughout the Entire Embodiments System when Healthy and Whole. Although if unhealthy, they may lay dormant, asleep and/or these Seeds may never Germinate or Sow. 

This stunning Sun Flower and its Seeds of Golden Alchemy is budding and sprouting, growing and unfolding right before your eyes. And the Energy it supplies is for YOU. Please accept this gift that Spring has to offer to thee. 

We have all been through a lot of Changes and Challenges, and while still holding onto Trust and Faith to get us through it, we’ve held onto a lot of Positive Energy to get us through this Discord and Despair. We’ve made it, and we are here, we are strong and we’ve got this. Let us Welcome this First Day of Spring to Illuminate our lives, as we plant the Seeds of Golden Alchemy in our New Garden of Living Light.

REMOTE Guided Meditation ~
Using the Symbol of the Sunflower and its Golden Seeds of Alchemy, we will provide a Remote Guided Meditation to receive New Energy by Activating the Energy of the Sun Flower and its Golden Seeds

We will receive a powerful Systems Upgrade throughout the Seven Major Chakras, as we energetically activate and transmit these New Seeds. Waiting for any Flower to Rise up from the Earth, we we must remain Patient, as we watch ourselves Unfold and Unfurl the petals of this Amazing Sun Flower. Each day ahead is a New Gift that we are being Blessed with. This New Energy that Humanity is receiving is drawn from the Key of Patience. Please caretake and nurture the growth and development of your New Energy, for this is a Gift we have been Given from the Great Universe, and is ours to Receive.
What:           First Day of Spring REMOTE Guided Meditation

When:          Saturday, March 20

Where:         In the Privacy of your Own Personal Space

Time:            ANYTIME You Choose to Receive - or ANYDAY

Cost:              Love Offering (Donation)
(Contact me if you would like to use Venmo or Zelle)
Each registrant will receive a 1-Hour Audible-Activation Recording for you to LISTEN to whenever you choose. Even if you miss the First Day of Spring, you will still have Access at Any time to this Activation.  

If you know of anyone else that may be interested in this offering, please forward this Newsletter. Thank you!

Mary Martin Medium

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