We suggest that you read through and follow the Suggested To do List in this email. It is very helpful to learning and following the order of the process.
This weekend

At a point during the Mass, we will call your whole family forward and ask you to stand in the front on or near the stairs facing the assembly with your child in front of you. See the ritual link to practice your responses! See you in church!

NOTE: If you forgot to sign up for a Mass, sign up below or please attend any of the Masses
on the weekend and let one of the staff know that you are there.

First Reconciliaion Reminder
If your child has completed First Reconciliation Preparation but not yet celebrated First Reconcillation, please be in touch, if you haven't already contacted Kathy Best or Nancy V. First Reconciliation Preparation is required before First Eucharist is celebrated.
All of the most updated information and directions will always be found on the 'hub' page. See you, there!

All forms for requesting a Mass, a ministry, etc. all there!
Parent ZOOM Recording and PPT is now on the Hub!
Ongoing Suggested To Do List!
Use this list to check off tasks.
All links below are also found on the HUB PAGE

Before the sessions begin
  • Bookmark and become familiar with the First Eucharist Hub Page.
  • Add the preparation zoom and in person catechesis dates from the hub to your calendar. (link will be sent in email-same link for all sessions)
  • Pick up textbooks and parent/family books at church on the weekends of Feb 4-5 or Feb 11-12
  • Check the Syllabus & Suggested Reading Schedule link – you can move through this at your own pace
  • Read through the Pew Banner Directions and note the final date to hand it in. Purchase materials for your pew banner. There are kits available online or you can do your own pattern. Early turn-in is appreciated!

February, 2023

Beginning of April, 2023
You are receiving this email because you have: registered for Faith Formation for the coming year or have attended Summer Faith or are in Catholic School AND have completed or are completing First Reconciliation and registered for First Eucharist.

If you know someone who have completed First Reconciliation and should have received this email and hasn't, please forward this email to them and contact us with their email. Thanks!

Also, please do not 'unsubscribe'. This is our way of communicating to you about Parish News and Sacramental Prep.