New England Dairy Launches
First of Its Kind Mobile Dairy Bar
New England Dairy is proud to introduce our new Mobile Dairy Bar (MDB), our latest innovation that brings a full dairy experience to people in a unique and surprising way. The MDB is a refrigerated van with a milk tap system for milk sampling featuring a digital display, an Instagram photo booth, and an exhibit booth.

The Mobile Dairy Bar made its debut at three Massachusetts drive-in movie theaters in Mendon, Marshfield and Topsfield in October to promote chocolate milk as the official beverage of Halloween. We look forward to hitting the road in our Mobile Dairy Bar for more safe, socially-distanced events in 2021.
Our Virtual Annual Meeting
On November 5th and 6th, we hosted our virtual Annual Meeting with our dairy farmer delegates, directors, and guests.
Our staff shared highlights and results from 2020 and provided a preview of our 2021 plans to build dairy trust and sales. We've recorded the presentations for you to listen on-demand.
Reaching Consumers through
Positive Dairy Campaigns

Our New Hampshire campaign highlights milk and dairy products as local food that’s good for our planet and health. The messaging will reach our audiences through TV, social media, and podcast ads.

Farmers featured include Denise Barstow (MA), Heidi Dolloff (VT), and John Luther (NH).

Our Vermont campaign focuses on dairy enjoyment during the holidays. Through a mix of television, online and social ads, messaging features easy-to-make, comforting dairy-focused recipes.

In the TV ads, dairy farmer Alison Kosakowski Conant shares how to make holiday beverages.
Through our Home Fridge Advantage campaign, we have completed the first of eight, 100-gallon milk donations being made around the region to feed families in need.

On November 10th, 100 gallons of milk were donated to the Community Care Alliance of Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

On November 23rd, we hosted Thanksgiving with the Guys in partnership with the New England Patriots and The Lawrence Guy Family Foundation. Through this Home Fridge Advantage event, the 307 families of Goodwin Elementary School in East Hartford, CT received Thanksgiving meals and milk.

2020 Live Virtual Farm Tours Reach Over 5,000 People
With grant funds from Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement Program, New England Dairy completed our 2020 virtual farm tour season and reached over 5,300 people live.

Promoting Dairy to Gen Z
Dairy Management Inc. partnered with celebrity gamer MrBeast to reach Gen Z with dairy's story.

MrBeast met with dairy farmer Amanda Freund (CT) for a personal virtual farm tour of Freund's Farm to learn more about dairy farming, technology, and sustainability firsthand.
After the tour, MrBeast hosted a gaming competition through the popular game Minecraft to increase awareness of agriculture. The video has reached over 7.5 million viewers.
Fluid Milk Sales Update
Fluid milk sales moving through all channels are up 0.2% year to date through August. At retail, fluid milk sales year to date through 10/4/20 are up 2.6%.

Throughout 2020, whole milk has been a growth area for fluid milk at retail with sales up 6.3% year to date through 10/4/20. At retail consumers have shifted to purchasing 2% and whole milk, with those categories making up 78% of fluid milk sales.
Dairy in the News
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