June 2021 Newsletter
First Five Years & Beyond News and Updates
Kaleidoscope Play & Learn
Last month, First Five Years & Beyond hosted Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups. The KPL groups are free adult-child groups for families of children 0 to 5 years old. Activities include singing songs, reading stories, art, outdoor play, science experiments, and crafts.

In our baby/toddler Kaleidoscope Play & Learn sessions, we have focused on infant nutrition successes and challenges; and baby sign language. In May, we covered phrases such as “more”, “thank you”, “milk”, “please”, “all done”, and “water” in our baby sign language series. For more activities you can do with your child, please subscribe to our channel.

For more information about Best Starts for Kids and Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, click here.
COVID-19 Vaccine Equity
First Five Years & Beyond is extremely grateful and proud to be one of 20
community-based organizations
receiving part of Round 2 of the Vaccine
Equity Initiative from All In Washington
2020! This grant has assisted FFYB to
address transportation and technology
access and other barriers to
vaccinations for the families we serve.
Washingtonians who are Black,
Indigenous, and People of Color
(BIPOC) have been disproportionately
impacted by COVID-19 and face greater
challenges to accessing the COVID-19

We recently conducted a survey to
uncover those who were not fully
vaccinated that were wanting to obtain
immunity to Covid-19. We sent a big
“thank you” to the 26 families who
participated in taking the survey by
providing household items such as paper towels, tissue, and diapers. Our campaign was very successful in getting people access
to the vaccine doses! Thank you, All-In-WA!
Leap Into Science
First Five Years & Beyond is offering a free series of Leap Into Science workshops for our preschool and elementary school aged youth throughout June and July 2021. June 1st - June 7th we kicked it off with Light and Shadows, by making shadow puppets, exploring shadows with objects, and animals using flashlights. Some of the kids preferred to take chalk to the shadows that they found outside
(pictured to the left).

What is Leap into Science? Leap into Science is a program that integrates open-ended science activities with
children’s books designed for children ages 3-10 and their families. This program was originally developed in 2007 by The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA, through a partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia, engaging underserved children and families across Philadelphia in science and literacy learning. Now it has expanded to a nationwide program, empowering educators to offer
programs in community settings like libraries, museums, and out-of-school time programs to engage underserved audiences in accessible and familiar settings. Meet the team here.
For more information about how you can attend our workshops, please contact us at info@ffyb.org.
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Youth Training
First Five Years & Beyond has partnered with the Youth Development Strategy Table, a coalition of public, non-profit, and community-based organizations. They take part in state level youth development efforts to sustain early learning gains, improve academic and social-emotional outcomes, and prevent deep end system involvement across the state of Washington. In this partnership, FFYB has hosted a Marijuana Retailer Assessment Awareness training for our youth ages 10 - 17. It was focused squarely on how businesses who sell marijuana and alcohol advertise in their own communities; indiscriminate of how visible and accessible they are to youth in their communities.

Our youth who participated in this program were tasked to analyze whether or not there were schools within walking distance, how logos and symbols trigger thoughts and ideas about what is being advertised, as well as sights and smells when approaching these locations. Takeaways from Sayo Ola (one of our participants) is that, “The marijuana shop in my neighborhood has a 21- and over sign posted, a parking lot, and is located next to a bus stop. The store’s logo includes the word ‘marijuana’ and has a picture of the plant, promoting sales and deals. Near the shop, there are grocery stores with food options that could appeal to youth. There was also another smoke shop nearby.” This integrative approach to drug awareness allows for pre-teens and teens to critically analyze the social impacts of marketing towards youth.  
Happy Father's Day!
Many of our families received paints, brushes, and picture frames to be able to follow along as we created picture frames for dads. This fun and easy to moderate craft is made special when a photograph of the dad is placed inside of it after it dries. Trey, who is 5 (pictured to the right) painted his red-orange and included a picture of his dad and his grandpa! At the top of the frame includes a hole to insert a string or tie to be made into an ornament. These ornaments can be hung anywhere from the car, the bedroom, dining room, or just about anywhere decorations and pictures can be presented.  
Here's a fun game to enrich your child's development!
At First Five Years & Beyond, our mission is to provide parents with the skills, tools, and resources needed to support their children; putting them in a better position to promote their children’s early brain development and beyond. Would you like to boost your child’s creative learning and problem solving? Try this game with building blocks. Simply build them up for them to knock them down! How does this help a child’s developmental skills? Stacking the blocks allows for them to practice balancing techniques, and then when they fall, it encourages them to try and try again (promoting persistence). This can also develop numeracy skills, height and size awareness plus hand-eye coordination skills. It is advised to ask the child what they have observed by stacking the blocks by asking them questions such as, “How many blocks tall is that?”, “What happens when you put another one on top?” or “Crash! can we make it taller this time?”
Please vote YES on Proposition 1 King County Election
It is time to vote again in King County. This August, King county voters will see Proposition 1, which would renew and expand childcare support programs. Please be sure to vote YES on proposition 1 on Election Day (August 3rd) to keep programs such as “Best Starts for Kids'' around. If the votes aren’t there, then programs like Kaleidoscope Play and Learn will disappear after December 2021. Ballots should arrive by July 16th. For more information, read this publication from The Seattle Times.
Interested in volunteering? We have opportunities for grant writing, after school tutoring, social media marketing/website design, and serving as a board member. Please submit all inquiries to the United Way of Seattle, FFYB link. Do you have a child ages 0 to age 5 that you’d like to participate in our programming? Please fill out our intake form and either of our resource providers: Julia, Roseline, and Marthalyn may reach out to you within 5-7 business days.