First Five Years & Beyond August Newsletter
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Dear parents,

Thank you for coming to our first Mindset Training workshop session on 7/31. It was good to see you all participating and paying attention which also helped your children pay attention.

I would encourage you to please continue this conversation at home by reminding your children that:

  1. Taking on challenges (something they find difficult) makes their brain stronger.
  2. With practice, challenges become their strength and ability.
  3. Their attitudes and efforts can determine if they will be good at something or not.
  4. Think on the positive side (This is a thought that makes them feel good about themselves); when you are upset or mad, think of a way to calm your mind (we will have a session on Mindfulness with some strategies next week); and ask for help from friends or family.


Janet, Executive Director at First Five Years & Beyond (FFYB)
Outdoor Activities
Since spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how families and youth culturally socialize. Young people have been isolated by the restrictions of social distancing and virtual learning.

Thanks to our partners at Schools Out Washington (SOWA) and The Washington Office of the Superintendent Instruction (OSPI), FFYB is partnering with parents to providing 4-weeks of outdoor activities and swim lesson scholarships to engage youth and families in culturally appropriate games, songs, and opportunities to connect socially.

"I like the Lapa game, it was so fun! Can we play it again next week!"

- Gretchen, 5th grader

For more information on how these games are played, visit the events page on our website.

For more information, visit School's Out Washington's funding website.
Growth Mindset Workshops
It's August, and our theme this week is about employing a growth mindset for success! We are partnering with parents to instill a growth mindset in our youth.

What is a growth mindset, and why is it important? Many kids tend to give up when they encounter failure and hardships because they believe that means they are not good enough or that they aren’t smart enough. In these workshops, students learn how to maintain a growth mindset.

For more information about our workshops, visit the events page on our website.
Growth Mindset Education and Skill Building for ages 0 to 7
The preschoolers are engaging in literacy and movement activities that fosters a growth mindset, self-regulation, and mindfulness. The books that Amy is going use are "I Can't Do That Yet!" and "Alphabreaths".

It is important to show your child that there is no ‘can’t’, there is only ‘can’t do that YET!
Parents of infants and toddlers are exploring relationship building, self-regulation, and establishing routines
Field Trip
"I can care for my community" is an affirmation that we are exploring in our r growth mindset workshop.

As we visit the zoo, kids will keep these words in mind identifying how animals are cared for at the zoo.

FFYB is partnering with families to facilitate this outing to the zoo by brining their children.

Lunch will be provided through our partners at the Albertson's Foundation's Summer Meal Program.


  • Kaleidoscope Play & Learn (KPL) / Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
  • Developmental Screenings (ASQ-3, ASQ-SE)
  • Free educational toys and books
  • Free diapers / wipes
  • Groceries gift card

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