Dear Church Family,

I want to let you know that this Sunday, all services at First Free Church will be online only.
We are making this change in response to the coronavirus and concerns about community transmission, especially to high-risk individuals.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page has issued a State of Emergency to help address transmissions of coronavirus. An order has also been issued to limit groups of people meeting to 250 or less. While religious institutions are constitutionally free from these restrictions, we will still follow them.

We encourage you to join us online this Sunday morning at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM for our regular services including announcements, worship music, a special outreach interview, and the next message from the Undivided series.

Our website for live streaming is and we encourage you to send this to friends and family who may not usually attend church or may attend a church that does not live stream.

Please note that our translation service will still work as you watch the live stream. You can read a live transcription of the message in over 60 different languages by going to during a service.

Other Ministries
Our Student Ministry and Kid Connection ministries such as AWANA were already off this week due to spring break. Other ministries are evaluating whether to gather and will communicate with their attendees directly.

Supporting First Free
Any time attendance decreases, giving typically does as well. Please consider using the online giving options at and consider signing up for recurring giving. This creates a more stable source of income for the church and allows us to better plan our ministry for the rest of the year.

Our Response to Coronavirus
To see the other measures we are taking to address the coronavirus, see my previous email here.

Our Response as Christians in the Community
In addition to our practical response to the coronavirus to limit its spread, we should also consider how we can respond with care and compassion to those impacted in different ways.

Perhaps you know someone who is scared. Pray with them and comfort them. If you know someone who is lonely, call them or, if you are both healthy, visit them. If you know someone who is in need, drop off groceries or a meal for them.

You can be a beacon of hope in a world of chaos. Show those around you the reason for the hope you have. Show them that Jesus makes a difference in your life.

Our elders, staff, and benevolence committee are working on ways we can help our church family and community during this time as well. Please join us in praying for our community, for the healthcare professionals put under incredible stress right now, for government officials forced to make tough decisions, and for all those affected by the coronavirus either directly or indirectly.

We know that God is ultimately in control and that all things will work out for good to those that love Him. We rest in His promises and His goodness.
In Christ,
Senior Pastor
First Free Church