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Join us for First Friday,   March
 6th, 2015
from 5:00-9:00 pm

Meet artists in their element and view their latest works. Join the party and support local art! Visit 450 Harrison Avenue, Friday, March 6th, 5pm-9pm. 

Want to know our opening dates?
See Calendar for First Friday details, other events, and member shows.

Salon Sunday Open Studios, March 29th, 12-5


SoWa Arts District voted #2 for Best Arts District!

So many of you voted for us for  USA TODAY's 10 Best Art Districts, and the results are in. We are proud to say we are #2!  20 of the country's best art's districts were selected, so we feel very honored to on this list...and at the top!

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The SOWA Artists Guild at 450 Harrison Avenue is a non-profit association of professional studio artists. The Guild's purpose is to promote the diversity and individuality of the artists working in this flagship space, the center of the SOWA Art District.
SoWa Artist Guild Members and studio numbers    

Caroline Bowden, 318

Uschi Bracken, 400
Kathy Burdon, 410
Patricia Busso, 325
Arnie Casavant, 402A
Amy Casher, 216

Marcia Crumley, 319
Stacey Cushner, 323
Lynda Michaud Cutrell, 412B
Beth Dacey, 311
Marian Dioguardi, 223B 

Elena du Plessis, 205

Jennifer Ellwood, 405A

Diane Fader, 401B
Andrea Garr, 217
Susan Gheyssari, 226

Barbara Goldberg, 203
John Gonnella, 300B
Kathryn Graven, 319
Ellen Haiken, 220

Robin Hanley, 405A

Nasser K, 410A

David Kasman, 300C

Karen Kelleher, 226

Matthew Keller, 213
Will Kirkpartrick, 223B
Susan Krause, 316A
Debby Krim, 223A 
Patricia Lanning, 410

Tracy Levesque,  310

Tom McCarthy, 310

Katherine Miller, 411A
William Morse, 227
Brian Murphy, 417

Paula Ogier, 203
Carol O'Neill, 317
Paul Pedulla, 314
Mark Peterson, 228
Kim Radochia, 202
Mimi Reilly, 210
Hope Ricciardi, 412B
Cheryl Richards, 218
Beverly Rippel, 401B
Joyce Roessler, 306
Ellen Rolli, 229
Cindy Ryan, 310
Sharon Sass, 402A

Elliot Schildkrout, 416

Joan Seidel, 320
Robin Shore, 414A
Stephen Silver, 211
Anne Smith, 225
Phillip Spinks, 230
Tom Stocker, 401A
Joanne Tarlin, 209
Charles Tersolo, 307
Sheila Rose Trunk, 408
Charyl Weissbach, 413

Sharon Whitham, 412A
Beverly Woods, 211



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