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Liz Shepherd and Dennis Svoronos     

thru February 2, 2014

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Artists' Reception: Saturday January 25, 5 - 7 pm

Steps, new work by sculptor and printmaker Liz Shepherd, explores staircase and ladder constructions as a means of both emotional and physical escape. In these sculptures, stacks of found objects are assembled together along with pieces that have been meticulously handmade by the artist. Humble materials such as tape, corrugated cardboard, and paper are implemented into these works.

"I am interested in the individual's pursuit of freedom from anxiety and pain through fantasy," says Shepherd. "I am continuing to pursue the symbolic power of staircases and ladders. However, my focus has shifted from the search for release of negative attachments to the more literal use of the constructions as a means of escape from suffering." The question that Shepherd's stacks and ladders pose revolve around captivity and release. How does the individual find relief from pain? What kind of mental strategies do they bring to bear under great pain and the desperate desire for escape? Shepherd's work considers the individual's strategies and struggles to survive.

Cures for Cancer and Other 
Tall Tales 

Cures for Cancer and Other Tall Tales, new work by artist Dennis Svoronos, includes works made by Svoronos during his ongoing battle with brain cancer - images, installations and objects reflecting his struggle through triumph and tragedy.

Utilizing materials at hand, Svoronos crafts interactive pieces from his abundance of pill bottles, latex gloves, hospital I.D. tags, irradiated blood and lost hair. The sculptures pulse and breathe, beep and click, bringing the visceral sounds of medical treatment into the gallery. Visitors will be asked to touch, feel and interact with the objects; to add their bodies and voices to the work. The viewer is invited into Svoronos' intimate space,to question sickness, wellness and recovery.

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