2020 GlobalMindED Conference
June 6-8
Sheraton Denver Downtown
GlobalMindED is a 501(c)(3) innovation network that closes the equity gap through education, entrepreneurship, employment and economic mobility to create a capable, diverse talent pipeline.
We are proud to have outstanding Latino leaders as members of our GlobalMindED Team. Rocio Perez, our Director of Leadership, is an outstanding First Gen entrepreneur whose success teaches how to become Unstoppable. We acknowledge all members of the Latino community during Hispanic Heritage month and all year.
If It Is Possible For One, It Is Possible For All

Rocío is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who moved frequently from city to city in search of work. As a child, living with adversity daily, Rocío could only imagine what success could be like. 

Even during the most difficult times of despair, she believes each of us has the capacity to become "Unstoppable" because there is always another solution to a problem as long as we have our imagination. The power of imagination can take us where we desire to go, regardless of the state of our current circumstances and it was this power that took Rocío from a life of struggle to a life of prosperity, empowerment, service and happiness. 

Growing up, Rocío was told by her elementary school teachers and even some of her own family, "you will never make it", the same message thousands of disadvantaged children who are poor, minorities, or immigrants hear daily. 

Rocío was well on her way to making her teachers' and family members' prediction come true. She quit school midway through seventh grade and ran away from home multiple times, starting at 12, fearing each time being returned to her family. Rocío found herself pregnant at 14, subsequently divorced her parents, emancipating at the age of 15. Tragically, she still ended up in an abusive environment and at a devastating moment, having endured abuse, homelessness and hunger, Rocío swore to herself, "Never again!" She consciously chose to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and limitation and made an ironclad commitment to herself and her son to live a better life and to inspire others to do the same. 

Rocío became a serial entrepreneur, collaborating with organizations committed to working through the processes needed to align culture, brand and leadership. She created the 7 Steps to Becoming A More Intentional Leadership coaching process and wrote the international best-selling book Unstoppable: 7 Steps to Becoming a More Intentional Leader. She wrote the book and created the coaching process so that participants, from NextGen leaders to the boardroom, could experience a higher level of success by engaging in dramatically more effective communication, creativity, and collaboration strategies. 

She inspires individuals to own"their personal leadership journey as they discover and apply their hidden talents. She has helped over 30,000 people on local, national, and international platforms and has coached over 5,000 individuals toward effective leadership. 

Rocío put herself through college and earned a dual MBA, while working full time, building a home, and raising her son. She has been blessed with a lot of powerful lessons on her journey towards success. Rocío loves sharing her story as part of her commitment to helping others pave their own way, and to step into their personal power and gain the life that may at times have been challenging to even dream of. 

In her mind, there is still so much for each of us to discover and experience. In fact, Rocío is the author of the upcoming works; Blank Slate: Journaling Your Way To Success and Your Destiny, and From Purple Dogs To Global Leader. 

All of you have elements of Rocío in your life story also. Celebrate your own Unstoppability! 

If It Is Possible For One, It Is Possible For All. Who Do You Choose To Become? 
If you would like to nominate a student from your institution for the 
2020 GlobalMindED First Gen Student Leadership Program so that they can meet role models and mentors while networking for internships and jobs with companies who are dedicated to creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline, CLICK HERE

If you are an educator, you can apply to speak or attend  by yourself, a team or with your First Gen student delegates. If you come with more than 5 people from your institution, you are eligible for the discount.

Each session is based on how things get done, key stakeholders, measurements and ability to bring about change at scale. Participants do not spend time talking about their background; time should be devoted to unique, innovative work and what it has achieved. Sessions will be selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Diversity of people and perspectives 
  • Specifics of how to solve a complex issue in the area of access and equity 
  • Evidence-based solutions to our toughest pipeline problems 
  • Demonstrating a unique, innovative and effective approach 
  • Sharing potential pitfalls and hazards faced in the field 
  • Information is impartial to specific products and services 
  • Providing concrete and specific takeaways Involving the audience in creative and constructive engagement

Join us to recognize the most inclusive leaders in key industries for their innovations and bold actions to promote access and equity for women, people of color, and underrepresented populations in their recruiting, development, senior management on their boards, and in their pipeline strategies from education to employment. 


Each Sunday Conscious Capital shares a new "Sustainable Sunday with the SDGs" blog post

193 countries came together to devise a plan to make the world a better place...now it's your turn. What is an SDG? "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations". These goals were created with the intention to transform our world by 2030. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.
4 billion people still don't have access to the internet! 90% of those without internet are in the developing world. SDG #9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, hopes to bridge the digital divide so that all people around the world have equal access to information and technology.

Invest 2 minutes in Industry Innovation and Infrastructure by watching this  short video
Entertainment For Change creates original song and dance (#SDGGROOVE) to educate young people on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Like any meaningful social change, the original song and dance is a collaborative effort between more than 20 singers, dancers, writers and choreographers. Lauded vocalists Natalie Weiss and Antonio Cipriano lend their voices to the powerful lyrics, while each SDG is  danced by performers of all calibers.

To learn more about Entertainment for Change and #SDGGROOVE, visit our  website

October 11, 2019 - Denver, CO

In a new TED Talk-style format and joint interview, WFCO's 2019 Annual Luncheon will spotlight two dynamic women whose poignant storytelling captivates, motivates, and connects diverse communities. 

Noor Tagouri is a prominent Muslim-American journalist and documentarian and 
Maysoon Zayid is an actress, comedian, writer, and disability advocate. Their inclusive heartfelt and humorous stories will inspire and ignite a shared commitment to The Foundation's vision of a future where women and girls of every background and identity prosper.

NACCE is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant by the Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation to support entrepreneurs in skilled trades! The grant will be used to host the 2019 Pitch Competition for the Trades which will take place at our annual conference, NACCE 2019 Entrepreneurship Explorations in Newport Beach, CA, on Tuesday, October 15. The top 10 teams will have the opportunity to win up to $25,000. Overall, we will award up to $75,000 onsite at the NACCE annual conference! You have to be a NACCE member to compete. 

Learn more and apply HERE
October 15-16, 2019 - Santa Fe, NM

The conference gathering thought leaders and practitioners from education, technology, policy, HR, and foundations will be held at the Santa Fe Convention Center. 
October 22-24, 2019 - New Orleans, LA

Grantmakers for Education's 23rd annual conference will be held in New Orleans under the theme Supporting Students in Overcoming Adversity: Agency, Justice, Equity. We are taking inspiration from the students who lived through Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent overhaul of the education system. Local successes and challenges will stimulate national conversations about transforming education, from birth through postsecondary success. Drawing on brain science and the latest evidence, we will explore the social, emotional and academic dimensions of learning. Register here.
November 6, 2019  - Denver, CO

The APEX Awards recognize Colorado's technology excellence, highlighting remarkable leaders and innovators. Since 2001, CTA has hosted this prestigious event to bring together the community and celebrate the exceptional people, companies and accomplishments of the year. Join us on November 6 as we recognize the best of the best in Colorado tech and celebrate CTA's 25th Anniversary!
iGIANT® and GlobalMindED are excited to announce a challenge competition to explore the impact of gender/sex on innovation and novel technologies in our lives. By partnering together, iGIANT and GlobalMindED hope to inspire young emerging leaders to develop innovative ideas regarding gender/sex within health, IT, transportation, and retail.The winner will be announced at the iGIANT Design Summit in San Francisco November 21, will receive $250, and will have the opportunity to bring their idea to fruition with the help of iGIANT and its network of professionals.

The National Academy of Medicine defines "gender" as a person's self-representation as male or female based on social interactions and "sex" as based on one's genes. The environment can impact gene expression which is known as "epigenetics."

Gender/sex impacts every aspect of our daily lives. The same dosage of medication, for example, has different effects on men compared to women, resulting in a need for us to understand these differential effects in the research and development process before doctors can effectively dose their patients. Similarly, although some products (such as shoes, sports equipment, or cars) seem to have separate designs for men and women, it is important to distinguish between a simple change in aesthetics and a design that actually addresses the biological factors (ie, body composition, bone structure, metabolism) that cause men and women to experience these products differently. Each small detail and seemingly insignificant change in design can heavily impact how we perform at work, school, or in our leisurely activities.



The challenge is open to all students

Design Requirements:

The design elements can include:
Programs (ex: an educational symposium);
Policies (ex: a policy on inclusion);
Protocols (ex: athletic training protocols or medical guidelines); or
Products (ex: sports equipment, clothing, tools, hardware and machine-human interfaces).

Solution Requirements:

The solution should:
Demonstrate the impact of gender/sex on a design element.
The concept for the design element needs to be clear, concise and actionable.

Submissions (approximately 1-2 pages in length) are due November 7 to contact@globalminded.org. We look forward to your ideas!
Ricky Kej, Grammy® Award-Winning Composer and UNESCO Global Ambassador for Kindness, released the trailer  of his latest album SHIVA. It   was recorded live, to an audience of over 7000 people, with 40 musicians from 6 countries and a 300 member choir. The album is an ode to all species, our environment, and humanity. The audio album launches on all leading platforms on the 14th of August 2019. The concert film will premier on the 30th of October 2019 (on a leading streaming platform).
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