OCTOBER 2020   
Welcome to the first First-Generation Triton Family Connection e-Newsletter of Fall quarter: An e-newsletter for families of
UC San Diego students who are first in their family to go to college.
We provide information that will help families further support their student's college experience.
In UC San Diego News: A Standout in Supporting First-Generation Students
UC San Diego receives ‘First-gen Forward Advisory’ designation, a national honor for commitment to first-generation student success.
November 8 is National First-Generation Day, celebrating first-generation students and their families, staff and faculty. Learn more.
November 13 is First-Generation Symposium. The UC First-Gen Coalition invites you to a half-day virtual event. The program will expand on themes related to the first-generation student experience in higher education. Register here.
UC San Diego Tritons Firsts is a campus initiative that supports first-generation students through resources, programs, mentoring and more. Learn more.
Community Support
Parents' and families' role can change when their student goes to college. Some parents share thoughts on their adjustment to their student's college experience.
"I’ve learned to let my student come to me when she needs me and let her take the wheel."
"I'm trying to step back and be supportive of her decisions."
"I learned to ask permission to help instead of just doing..."
"Helping her find answers to her questions, I'm frustrated for not knowing how to help."
"Her making adult decisions on her on."
Share your thoughts and story!
Tell us about your experience as a parent and family of a first-generation student by answering a few short questions to publish in the next e-newsletter. Submit today!
A Tip for Your Student...
Make a personal connection with the Student Success Coaches who are available to meet with students during this quarter. Success Coaches engage in meaningful 1:1 conversations to help your student discover their strengths, goals and campus opportunities. Your student can book an appointment with a Success Coach.

Most memorable moment...
"My favorite moment working with UC San Diego first-generation students is when they take me up on the offer to connect for a 1:1 conversation. I am always inspired by our students aspirations, ambitions, and their desire to pay it forward for their families and their communities." Dr. Lindsay Romasanta, Director of Student Success Coaching Program
Advice for first-generation students
First-generation UC San Diego professionals, who are also the first in their family to go to college, share advice with first-generation students.
First-generation students have intersecting identities. Learn about our diverse first-generation community.
Seeing a list of faculty who have gone through a similar experience can help your student to make a meaningful connection.
Homecoming @Home, This Week!
Week-long virtual programs for you and your student. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about UC San Diego. See the schedule and register or access the Homecoming Hub whether you registered or not.
UC San Diego Parent & Family Programs supports families of college students. Visit our website for information on events, paying the bill, resources, student life, and more. Read more.
TPF Ambassador
Triton Parent & Family Ambassadors share their diverse perspectives with a wide range of families about their experience with UC San Diego. Join today.
Financial Awareness
To connect with Financial Aid and Scholarships Office: virtual counseling, email, phone, and by appointment. Find out how!
You and/or your student can connect with Financial Aid & Scholarships to learn options to get the help you and/or your student needs.
Your student can apply now for financial aid with FAFSA or CA Dream Act. While the official deadline is March 2, it's never too early to apply for aid.